1080P gaming monitor under 15K


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Hi guys,

My needs,

1. Budget - under 15000
2. Display type and size - IPS, 27
3. Primary use of Tv/monitor - Gaming
4. Ports Required - HDMI will suffice
5. Preferred choice of brand - Any IPS panel
6. Any TV/monitor in consideration - Open for suggestion
7. Any other info that you want to share - I use GTX 970 so I think a 1080p is enough for my gaming use. So suggest best refresh rate monitor. G-sync monitor at 15 k is not possible I guess. If any please share


Games and movies are good, no issues with that but I don't feel the sharpness which is understandable. Text is fine but not very good.
I feel that colors are bit low for my liking if I compare with my old dell monitor.
So my final thought, if you really want 27' then only go for 1080p else get at least 1440p. Monitor is good for everything leaving text sharpness and little low colors (maybe I was accustomed to my 4yr old color's)
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