Need a 27 inch 1080p IPS monitor


Hi Everyone,

I need a
27 inch monitor
LED backlit
response time less than 8ns
Need HDMI, VGA and DVI ports

For Movies, Games, web browsing, youtube and general computer usage dont really need it for photoediting or animation softwares but if the monitor is good at that as well then it is fine

Dont know anything about refresh rates but I dont want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a hifi refresh rate monitor that I wont ever use

Ashok Raju Kothapalli


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For Gaming Viewsonic VX2770SMH-LED 27" LED IPS(HDMI/DVI/VGA) @ 23,990 is best monitor in your Budget.

Link:ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27-Inch SuperClear IPS LED: Electronics

Wait for other members suggestions as well...
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I like this one from lg-27MP77HM, price about 20k, there is 24 inches version is also available lg-24MP77HM, price aboutt 15k.
For IPS panels I think LG is the best choice.


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Yeah, if below average panels are considered best then yes, they are the best choice, certainly.

Anyway, I too think that 1080p on a 27 inches model will not look good.


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I suggest go you to get a 26" led tv and use it as monitor. Most monitors uses inferior panels and monitors which uses good panel cost a bomb they will almost set you back by 30k.
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