IEDefender identifies Microsofts msnmsgr.exe as malware.

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Biting the hand that feeds it ? IEDefender, (avoid visiting the site) makers of an "anti-spyware" program identifies Microsofts msnmsgr.exe as malware. It is another story that IEDefender has been confirmed as yet another Rogue Anti-Spyware to hit the market.

IEDefender has this to say : "...Our software is clean and is real antispyware ... We contacted Kaspersky, they also confirmed, there are no problems with our software, you can check our .exe with any popular antiviruses, there no problems..."

While IEDefender has been defending his product, the trouble which people have been facing tell another story. Whereas Kaspersky, Prevx, AdAware, Trojan Hunter and most other anti-malware's detect it as one ! First your computer is infected with a trojan downloader; from there on you start getting pop-ups asking you to download IEDefender to remove your infection.

Use Rogue Remover to remove it, if you have been infected. Source.


i hate MSN Messenger .. damn it . if i open outlook it starts away and also enables itself in the startup and i have to disable it again using msconfig

it is malware ! $uck MSN Messenger !
It ain't that easy to disable it for new users from startup

and after all Microsoft keeps an eye on every comp running OS .. isn't MS Windows a Big sypware in itself ? ;)


anandk said:
i know microsoft baiters would just love such a news to come true :D

indeed ... can't help.. !
some people religioulsy follow MS good works and also its $hit
and some people hate MS like hell be it good or bad product of MS

be like me .. neutral .. why the hell waste time in fanboyism
appreciate the good condemn the bad

sad .. fanboys are wasting soo much time of your life
which of course is very precious ( less they understand that unfortunately )

but its good for me .. let them waste.. i don't care

kk enough .. i must not even bother about this ! c ya !!


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Actually trojan shows fake security alerts and prompts user to click on the warning to download spyware removal tool in order to remove found threats, while in fact it is corrupt anti-spyware software.
Further information and Iedefender removal tutorial:
iedefender removal
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