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guys my friend has got infected with a virus.
i installed kav 6 on his new pc about a month back.he does not have internet connection so he cant update it so definitions were till may,07 only.
his kaspersky detected two infected files,but was unable to delete them.i went over to his place to see what can be done.when clicking delete nothing was happening so i thought ill get virus definitions from my home and update his AV offline and then scan in safe we switched off his pc.when i got back,KAV wasnt starting at all.i tried clicking many time,running as admin,tried opening in safe mode & normal mode but kaspersky would not start at all.
i tried disabling its start up from msconfig but on reboot those entries which i unchecked were as it is but it created two same entries.
it makes these two processes in task manager even in safe mode:

im not sure but i think the virus is Virus.Win32.AutoRun.f im not sure because kav is not starting so that i can see what has infected the pc
,i am saying this name cause i inserted my pen drive in his pc to transfer the virus updates and my pen drive is infected with this.
i also tried killing the process and then starting the kav but when i click on kav icon the processes start again but kav doesnt start.
i also reinstalled kav but no help.

please tell me what to do. :?:

how dreadfull is this virus.any fear of wiping out of HDD?
reinstall should be last option cause lotta stuff is there on his pc and he cant back up all of that.

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Uninstall KAV6..and download trail KAV 7 from here:

Download full update of KAV (.rar file)at your system.
Install KAV 7 in infected system.Update database using the update you have download.Now scan your system.

If you cant do this, than:
1) Uninstall KAV
2) Install avast free home edition
3) Scan full system during boot up using avast.Avast has feature to scan at start up.


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Ya i too uses Avast Home edition it's free for one month without reistration and after a free registration u can have the Serial Key. Ya it's good try it out with Avast, i think the work will be done..!!!
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