Virus Infection.....Please help

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Does anybody know how to disinfect from virus.win32.virut.q without me deleting all my exe files? Kaspersky detects and disinfects all the infected files, but when I scan again, it shows that the virus infects the files again.It has infected some important system files and I am at its mercy!!


Hey GeekyBoy , you are into serious trouble. Several months ago I faced the same problem. My PC was infected with this Virut virus which slowly infects all exe files from your PC. I had to format my PC 4 times only realizing at last that my audio driver's exe file was infected too. It took me 2 days to get rid of this virus.
I installed AVAST with lastest update and connected all my USB drives and did a boot time schedule scan and left it till it completed. Do not click any exe files before you are sure all virii has been terminated. I couldn't only cry coz so many backup programs were infected and deleted by my antivirus. I think it infects exe files at random. Even after you reinstall windows other drives may contain this infected files so scan every drives. So as soon as you reinstall windows(you must coz antivirus will delete many system files, program files) scan windows (even before you install drivers).


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I think most variants of 'virut' will completely corrupt exutables and repair or disinfestation is usually not possible. :(
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