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  1. Superayush

    Sennheiser ie8 ebay query

    I was searching for sennheiser ie8 online and came across seller selling it for 70$(original brand new) New Brand New Sennheiser IE8I HiFi Earphones Headsets Free Shipping | eBay On inquiring him to know what may be the possible catch he replied Is his reply legit ? I still can't...
  2. ramakanta

    cookies enabled

    I have using IE8 . is there any option to the cookies enabled . please help me , where to find the cookies enabled option. thank you.
  3. D

    Problem with opening BSNL portal

    I open BSNL portal to view usage regularly. Recently, I was unable to open it. I installed Firefox through which I was able to open it. I then reset my ie8 to defaults and became able to open the portal. But, I am unable to open it with google chrome even after unistalling and re installing it...
  4. S

    Making ie9 run on win7 pc

    hi, I recently changed my os from winxp to win7. Win7 os is genuine. I used the digit dvd to instal sp1. I tried loading ie9 from teh digit dvd but it failed. Then, using windows update, i updated all my win7 components and also upgrade from ie8 to ie9. When i try to load ie9 by clicking on the...
  5. red dragon

    IEM-the hunt has ended

    Well,my hunt for a decent iem has ended today after 3 months.TE forum members helped a lot.I was torn between TF10 and IE8,and finally bought IE8 after auditioning both.The 100 hr burnt IE8 sounded marginally better TF10 to my ears.
  6. Shikher_neo

    Prob. using innerHTML in IE8

    hey, guys.i guess there's a bug in IE8 that does not allow proper use of the innerHTML prop. in javascript. is there a workaround? i am trying to dynamically create a table with contents from an XML file. and how do you load a xml file(javascript) in google chrome??(like this for ie -new...
  7. ramprasad

    Firefox problem

    Hi, I have IE8 and FF3.6 running on a HP laptop with Vista(SP1). I need to access an ip in the range 172.16.*.*: port/page.php I can access it in IE8 without any problems. But, I am not able to access it in FF3.6 Can anyone help me with a solution ? Regards Ramprasad
  8. anzaan

    IE8 - compatibility view

    Hi ppl i just cant understand the "compatibility view" feature IE8. when i save a file, it sometimes gets saved as "compatibilty view" n m nt able to view it under normal mode. i just dnt understand the need of this view.. can someone throw more light on this idea of "compatibility view"???
  9. D

    IE8,FIREFOX & SAFARI closes suddenly when clicked.

    Hai, Whenever i try to open any browser(be it ie8,firefox & safari), it opens and then closes suddenly. Earlier, i had internet explorer 6 and encountered the same problem. Suspecting an earlier incomplete installation of ie8, i installed ie8 but encountered the same...
  10. digitalage

    which one is more secured?

    firefox or ie8:!:
  11. soumya

    Downloading IE8 will help feed hungry Americans

    Microsoft has announced that for every completed download of Internet Explorer 8, they will donate the financial equivalent of eight meals to the Feeding America network. The campaign is called "Browser for the Better," and runs from June 10 and August 8. Only IE8 downloads from the specific...
  12. Brave_Hunt

    YouTube.com isn't working with IE8

    I'm having problem accessing YouTube via IE8. Is anyone else having the same problem? I'm using BSNL braodband and can successfully access the same via Google Chrome. :? Having this problem from couple of days.
  13. axxo

    Star Indya forum not opening

    Firefox crashed on opening this url http://forum.indya.com/ no links active from vijay.indya.com IE8 didn't open it either. But in chrome its working.
  14. Krazy Bluez

    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8

    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) will release the latest version of Internet Explorer at noon Pacific time on Thursday, bringing major changes in...
  15. M

    Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18343 Rc1

    New IE8 Build Available for Tech Beta Participants: We are releasing the IE8 Partner Build to the IE8 Technical Beta for you to help us test and find issues. This build represents a preview of our progress and is best used to verify issues fixed since releasing Beta 2. While we believe it to...
  16. Vishal Gupta

    Spread IE8: An Initiative to Support Internet Explorer

    So we have seen Spread Firefox which is a community supporting Mozilla Firefox. But now its turn of Microsoft's very own web browser "Internet Explorer" which is bundled with all Windows versions. "Spread IE8" is a new website which has been created to support Internet Explorer. It has been...
  17. ashi8902

    Unable to install IE 8 beta 2 !!

    I have Installed XP SP3 and after that I am just unable to install the IE8 beat 2 on my system .. While installing it ignore to install the updates... and ignore to check the system it says that the service pack you have istalled dont need to update please help me I want to install IE8 beta 2
  18. soumya

    IE8 will render in true standards mode, by default

    In what is probably one of the most fantastic bit of news to come out of Redmond in a long time, Microsoft has announced today that IE8 will, by default, interpret web content in the most standards compliant way it can. Posted on the IEBlog, Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager for the Internet...
  19. ravi_9793

    IE8 passes Acid2 Test and FF3 fails

    IE8 Passes Acid2 Test.But FF3 fails this test. Now with this, Microsoft IE again proved to be best. Full article here: http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2007/12/20/ie8-passes-acid2-test-web-standards-project-dies-of-shock
  20. Ecko

    How abt Internet Explorer 8

    Yes u read it right Read More Here
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