which one is more secured?

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FF always!

Microsoft wants to market its browser, thats why it keep on saying that IE8 is secure, which is totally false.

If you are looking at using a very safe browser, use Google Chrome. For addons FF is best. Opera is also one of the finest browsers. Safari is over-rated and bloated(uses lot of ram).


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i want online security. so that viruses and malware should not enter my PC
See, this a more to-the-point question.

For this no browser is enough.

But, I would recommend these things:-

FF + Addons (PhishTank, NoScript, AdBlockPlus, JSView, WOT)
A good Internet Security Solution:-
Paid: KIS2009 (2010 is also out I've heard)+Adware
Free: Avira Free version (antivirus only)/AVG8 + Komodo + Adware +Malwarebytes Malware remover

These would be pretty much resource hog...so, if u don't have enough (at least 2GB) RAM, don't install all.
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