1. gagan007

    IE6 Countdown

    It is not a hidden fact that IE6 is maybe the worst browser ever. It didn't have the functionalities that other browsers of the same era provided. It had many security vulnerabilities that even developers at Microsoft got tired of patching. It was slower than the slowest and buggier than the...
  2. topgear

    Google to Drop IE6 YouTube Support

    Google has said that YouTube will no longer support for IE6 on March 13. March 16 is the day when YouTube will stop working for people still living in the stone age and running IE6. The announcement comes at a time when a significant amount of companies with a Web presence are desperate to...
  3. topgear

    How to Make Internet Explorer 6 Crash Instantly

    It's definitely no Konami code. Most of you are likely to be running one of the most recent versions of your browser of choice, be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari; so hopefully this little bug won't take your browser down. It's been discovered and now popularly...
  4. amitabhishek

    Aamir Khan uses Google Chrome in 3 idiots!!!

    I noticed that, good to see use of OSS on big screen:razz:!!! Finally our filmwallahs using something else other than IE6. Just wanted to highlight that. BTW this is a fantastic movie (if you ignore some creative liberties)!!! A must watch!!!
  5. soumya

    Poor IE6

  6. trublu

    Tabbed browsing in IE6

    Is there any way to achieve tabbed browsing in IE6?:confused:
  7. anandk

    IE7 #1 in the US and UK, and expected to be #1 worldwide shortly.

    It’s been a little over a year since IE7 was released for Windows XP and for Windows Vista. According to internal Microsoft research based on data from Visual Sciences Corporation, there are over 300 million users are experiencing the web with IE7. This makes IE7 the second most popular...
  8. karnivore

    IE6 won't check if it is the default browser

    Well i am using FF 1.5 as my default browser. Now i want to revert back to IE6 as my default browser. But it is not happening. I have checked the option at Internet Option> Programs> "Should check to see, whether it is default browser". But IE doesn't check if it is the default browser...
  9. H


    Hi, Plz tell me the link how to download complete version of IE6 having the latest patches.
  10. bizzare_blue

    How to remove IE7 and revert back to IE6?

    I have XP SP2 installed on my system...Recently I downloaded and installed IE7 on it...but as it was heavy on system resources ( My office comp has just 256MB of RAM), I uninstalled it from "Add/Remove Programs" by clicking on "Show Updates". But after uninstallation, when I clicked the...
  11. S

    Rediff Mail Not oPENING

    I am trying to sign in my rediff account but its not opening. It was working perfectly till yesterday afternoon. I tried using IE6, IE7, Opera and FF. Nothing worked.
  12. Simple_Graduate

    For those still using IE6

    You guys have probably heard other users talking about "tabbed browsing" available in browsers like Firefox and Opera... basically opening many websites within one single window. You may also have heard that IE7 also features "tabbed browsing" and are perhaps waiting to upgrade to Vista or...
  13. caje143

    How To Save .swf Files In Ie6

    HI all, can you'll please tell me how can i save Flash files from IE6 on my computer?? do i require a third party software to save it?? thnx.. Caje
  14. niku_19jan

    language bar

    i hav installed ie7 n whnever i restart my system the language toolbar in taskbar appears yyyyyyyyyyy???? i hav to uncheck the option again n again can nybody tell me hw to swtich it off dnt tell me to uninstall ie 7 n install ie6....
  15. bizzare_blue

    Can't set homepage as blank...

    One of my friend has IE6 installed...he is facing a strange prob from a few days...He is not able to set the homepage to "about:blank" or anything else as the "Use Current", "Use Default" & "Use Blank" buttons are disabled and the homepage has been set to a strange site... I asked him to...
  16. william

    opera thread

    i have java installed on my system but when i try to run java applet in opera it asked me to install java . also when i try to chack mark " Enable java " optiion in quick prefrences. i couldn't do that. i also want to know if i don't have java then how come appletes are woorking in IE6. please...
  17. H

    cant access firefox

    hi everybody this is Rajiv i was using firefox for past 3 months then suddenly i dont know what happend i cant open firefox whenever i double click on my desktop icon nothing happens i have tried everything from restoring my pc to reinstalling my firefox .And i dont want to use IE6 it just sucks...
  18. U

    How to save synchronized webpages when there is an error

    Hey guys I've got a few pages which (on saving) don't run offline. They run quite well when they're synchronized. But, I want to transfer them to another PC by burning on CD. Can you help me in anyway... I'm using IE6. :(
  19. N

    Problem with IE

    1>I installed a desktop shell replacement software so that my desktop looked like a mac pc. 2> few days later i installed Internet explorer 7 beta version. 3>then i got bored of my mac desktop and uninstalled the software. but it replaced the old(version 6) iexplore.exe. 4> this corrupted my...
  20. john_the_ultimate

    Not able to install 3D MAX 6........

    I have winxp with sp2 and whenever I try to install MAX6 it shows that it requires ie6 or higher. But I already have internet explorer 6. Actually I upgraged my mobo so clean installed winxp with sp2(by formating HDD). Earlier (before the upgrade) I was able to install it with no problem. One...
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