1. N

    Nvdia gt630 problem!

    Guys two weeks back i purchased new gpu for my rig which is :- nvdia gt630 1gb ddr3 (importer name forsa) it worked like a charm. my rig specifications:- Mobo:- intel mercury 945 Cpu :- e4600 2.40 2gb ddr2 ram Intex 450 watt psu Now when iwas playing darksiders and crisis 1 on low settings on my...
  2. jackal_79

    Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10

    Hi, iam planning to install Ubuntu as my secondary os. Which of the 2 versions is best. Iam going to use it for browsing, watching movies and listening to music.
  3. jackal_79

    Connecting 3 pin case fan

    Hi, I have recently purchased below Case fans: Cooler Master Silent FAN 120 SI2 (4 in 1) Cooler | Cooler | Flipkart.com Iam using a NZXT Gamma with Asus P5G41T-MLX. The case fans that came in 4 in 1 pack has only 3 pin.The Mobo has only one 3 pin connector.How do i connect rest of the...
  4. jackal_79

    1 TB HDD Buying Advice Required

    Hi, Iam planning to buy a 1 tb within few weeks.I want a fast and reliable drive with good warranty.I had finalised on seagate ST1000DM003.But they come with only 1 year warranty and Iam getting mixed reviews on seagate. WD Black is coming at 6500 and above. which is the best one?.How about...
  5. shreeux

    Unable to Detect SEAGATE Barracuda 500GB 7200.12 SATA HARD DISK?

    My system configuration is.. Intel Pentium Dual Core 820 Processor 2.80GHz Intel D101ggc MotherBoard,LGA 775 Socket with 4 Sata Port.. 1.5GB RAM=(1+512) SEAGATE 80GB IDE HARD DISK SEAGATE Barracuda 500GB 7200.12 SATA HARD DISK AMD Radeon HD 6670 Graphics Card IBALL 400W SMPS.. Iam...
  6. azzu

    Weird internet Slowdown

    I have a AMD x4 phenom 4gb ram , 1.5TB HDD and Local 600w PSU ( i knw , iam getting a upgrade soon :D ) , 2MbPS local ISP My system was running Great till now. but from Last two days When iam trying to access the Internet ( through browser - note : any browser) Websites are taking a hell...
  7. A

    low fps problem

    mr digit i have a query iam using xp sp2 pro. freshly installed about 4 days ago machine spcs.. x2 5000+ dual core 2 gp ram iam having problem while playing games even warcraft, alexander , farcry are so laggy and with lowest settings it gives around 10fps antivirus avast free updated...
  8. abhinavmail1

    Is techenclave forum down ?

    Hey guys is techenclave is down ,every time i tried to access it ,a login prompt appear but iam unable to login
  9. A

    Mobo for core i5 2500k urgent!!!

    this is what ive finalized core i5 2500k 4gb 1333mhz corsair 600w 80+ psu asus gtx 560ti 1gb dell st2220m pls suggest a good oc mobo for max 11000, i'am not a avi overclocker but would like to settle for 4.5-4.7ghz in future. also any suggestion for alternate gfx and...
  10. zacfx05

    what ups indicates.......?

    hello Friends actually i don't know where to post this thread ...... i want to know what the 600v/360w on a ups mean and how it effects... will it support any pc configuration (ultra, high....etc) is it just to indicate the backup time.......? iam actually asking about apc 600 v rs
  11. zacfx05

    Help me choose the right configuration

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A:gamming, graphics designing, 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but...
  12. anandharaja

    How to upload more than 15 minutes video in Youtube

    hi, i want to upload more than 15 minutes video in you tube, some users uploaded more than 15 minutes video but iam not able to upload. please guide
  13. A

    Do MNC's recruit ABAP Consultant with 2yrs exp?

    Hi guys, I have 2 years of experience in SAP-ABAP. Currently i'am working with Shire Technology. Its a small developing company. Iam looking for change and trying to get into some good MNC's. I want to know whether MNC's recruit ABAP consultant with 2 years of experience? If yes do let me...
  14. S

    what modem/router should i go with ?

    Hello everyone, Iam planning to buy a adsl2+modem/router combo . My budget is 3000 rs. Currently iam on a bsnl plan with modem model no. zxdsl831all (will give it to my cousin after new buy ). please advise . Thanks.
  15. azzu

    Bigadda site relaibility

    iam thinking buying a mobile phone From Bigadda Electronics, Mobile Phones, Cameras at Lowest Price | BIGADDA SHOP shopping site..... just wanted to know that How reliable is it ? as there is no COD on the particular product iam gng to order..so in a dilemma.. is it reliable ? any complaints ...
  16. saikiasunny

    Online shopping?

    My query is quite dumb and I wonder whether i should ask it or not? I want to buy some speakers for my pc. Most of the speakers here in local shops are the local i-ball or intex. So now iam thinking of ordering my stuff online. But the problem is i haven't done it before. Iam just a 10th...
  17. saikiasunny

    Online shopping ?

    My query is quite dumb and I wonder whether i should ask it or not? I want to buy some speakers for my pc. Most of the speakers here in local shops are the local i-ball or intex. So now iam thinking of ordering my stuff online. But the problem is i haven't done it before. Iam just a 10th...
  18. pratik385

    Anyone from Cognizant Company?

    Hello everyone, Iam pratik. Iam selected in CTS in JAN. Can anyone tell me about DOJ?
  19. A

    psu buying advice

    hi friends, i need your help and guidance to decide which smps to buy. there are so many brands that iam confused wch brand to go for at what price point. right now iam thinking of corsair vx 450. but i would like to stick to a budget of 3k. i may add a gpu later , minimum being...
  20. v.Na5h

    PC Buying help at Lamington!!!

    this is what i have considered-- (This config is FINAL no further suggestion) Core i3 (please no x4 or phenom 555 here ...i have already considered that) Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H G. Skill F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT 2GB 1333MHz DDRIII 1 TB Seagate 7200.12 CM Elite 310 FSP SAGAII 350w Sony Optiarc...
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