1. savithk

    CPU cabinet (more air ventilation)

    iam want to replace my current old CPU cabinet to new CPU cabinet (more air ventilation version) iam not a gamer this my Motherboard its a uATX Form Factor *www.asus.com/Motherboards/M4N68TM_V2/ my budget is 4 to 5 only
  2. savithk

    Good Assemble computer dealers in Ahmedabad

    Any from ahmedabad iam looking for Good Assemble computer dealers in Ahmedabad .planing to buy new upgraded PC . budget & time is NOT finalized yet . most probably i want to go for only intel i3-7100 or i3-6100 + 16 GB DDR4-2400 + 2 TB HDD + 128 /256 GB SSD (optional) + graphics card future...
  3. A

    a new mouse

    hi guys i need help choosing a new mouse. ill be buying online. found some really great deals on amazon what do you think? redragon m601 zebronics fury red dragonwar e10 aries dragonwar thor blue e9 please give ur suggestions iam trying to keep the budget around 1k but dont might going a lil...
  4. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Very Low ping and internet speed

    Hi Iam using MTNL delhi broadband 999 combo plan which gives speed of 1 mbps but for last 10 days Iam getting painfully speed of around 225- 750 kbps even at that speed many website will take ages to open ... my ping which was usually in range of 100-150 is now 14-20 I tried every...
  5. K

    Iam an ECE 1st year Student. What skills should I learn ?

    Hello guys. Iam in ECE 1st year and want to know what things i can learn to improve my skills. Iam confused between going to core jobs or getting into IT companies. Hence I want to learn some stuff which would be helpful for me in both core as well as technical field. I was thinking of...
  6. savithk

    Need help for Graphic Card

    hi guys i need your suggestion iam i want change my current graphic card ASUS - EAH4350 SILENT/DI/1GD2 have some serious problems EAH4350 SILENT/DI/1GD2 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global this card is not running properly some time card is not detected from ASUS - M4N68T-M V2 Motherboard...
  7. S

    Please recommend a good x99 motherboard with provides most bang for buck

    As in title..i was looking up on making a gaming pc, iam considering to increase my budget to get x99 1. Whats the cheapest i can get one for 2. Whats the most value x99 (price to performance) i get one for 3. and how much difference will jumping from z97 to x99 will make Yes iam planning...
  8. S

    Hi guys, iam making my dream gaming rig with 60-80k, i need your expertise and help

    So, this is my first gig in building a gaming pc, not really my field really but ive done a bit of research, i need your help to make it perfect Iam open to any and all suggestions, advice and help from you guys Iam going to be using it for gaming mostly and watching movies and tv shows...
  9. S

    MTNL Delhi Stable DSL but no internet light.

    So I brought MTNL Internet connection a few days ago and Iam having trouble now. I have two modems and both are configured and I tried using both and Iam having same problem. NO INTERNET LIGHT. Iam getting great SNR Margin and Line attuention with SNR being 31 and 30 and Line Att being 15 20 for...
  10. Arjun609

    Hyper 212 Evo *VS* Corsair H60 Which is better?

    Iam planning to cool down my PC Iam confused whether to go for hyper 212E or Corsair h60.I will combine two Corsair SP120 HighP fans to hyper 212 evo if i buy it.Iam also in the plan of buying Corsair H60 but mostly people say it has a chance of leak.Please suggest me which is better
  11. A

    offline free word to pdf convertor

    please suggest some good convertor. iam on windows 8
  12. Arjun609

    Best Racing Game!!!

    Best Racing Game PC !!! I know only racing games like Need for speed,Dirt and blur.I think that Need For Speed is the best But Iam curious that is there any game better than need for speed
  13. A

    gtx 660ti vs gtx760

    hey guyz iam about to buy a new gpu around 20k inr , but iam confuse which one to go : forsa gtx 660ti - 19.3k 19350rs zotac gtx 760 - 10.9k 20990 rs so my question is , is gtx 760 worth more money?
  14. A

    good idea?

    hey guyz iam having some money to spend but iam confuse what to do , iam looking at 650ti boost and later on sli as i cant buy a good single card now so my question is 2x 650ti boost worth it? i will have to buy a new SLI mob in order to sli is it worth it ? my current specs ...
  15. A

    best gpu for 1440x900

    hello hello! guyz iam having 25000rs i want to buy a gpu but iam confused which is best for me at my resolution i wanted to play upcoming games in high settings at least on constant 30fps so, please suggest me the best gpu for me. thank you! current rig: processor - intel core i5...
  16. G

    Xperia Neo V wifi stopped working

    Hi, i've had my neo v for almost two years now without too many problems,but yesterday it stopped detecting my home WIFI network....It detects other networks but i'am not sure if it will connect with them as those networks are password protected...i'am really confused as to why it just...
  17. T

    Career in Hardware and Networking

    Hi everyone,:) Iam really in big confusion regarding my career.I have very good and deep interest in computer stuff specially hardware and networking.i have also good knowlegde in c++ and linux also..But issue is iam currently im doing b.com :banghead: ,now in first year .Do you think i can...
  18. A

    msi or asrock

    guyz iam about to buy a mother so iam undecided between : Asrock z77 pro4 and MSI z77a g43 gaming, so tell me which brand has better RMA serivce .
  19. A

    wil 7870 will fit in this cabinet??

    jey guys iam having iball rider gaming case iam about to buy readon 7870hd of HIS this one: HIS AMD H787Q2G2M 2 GB GDDR5 Graphic Card - HIS: Flipkart.com please tell me will it fit,as its a big gpu .thanks
  20. jackal_79

    Headset for HTC One V

    Hi, i have lost my headset and on lookout for a new one. Can someone suggest a good/best affordable (within 1500) headset. Iam open to buying online provide it's a trustworthy site like FK. Need a fast reply
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