1. bala4digit

    Uncompatibility of y mail with yMgsr n winamp

    if these 3 run in a win98 nd u open any more websites the comp hangs.....n da comp iam talkin bout is mine....yes mine....now plss help...yes i need help...mojojojo needs help! tanks in advans! Bye!!!! ----------------------MOJOJOJO-------------------
  2. hansraj

    prob with processer or motherboard???

    hardware experts please help me out.... i have a KOB P4M266 NDFSMx mercury motherboard and the rest of the config is P4 1.7 GHz(784 pin) 512 Mb DDR + 256 Mb DDR both 333 MHz 40 Gb 5200 Rpm seagate hard disk now my bottleneck (rather chicken neck) is 100 Mhz FSB limitation because iam...
  3. __Virus__

    Firefox and Slimbowser

    two of very good browers...i got one problem..i want to use slimbrowser but since i, in my office will b on limited account hence cant make it default browse (or can i?)..i need to know how to open all those 18 links (i have to keep those 18pages open at a time) at one that too in slimbrowser...
  4. V

    Is this is the right time to upgarade?

    Well Iam thinking on upgrading my pc but confused to go for it or not. Can you guyz tell me that it is the time or wait for few months? My PC Config is:- Make - HP Model - W5030IN Processor - P4 2.93 Ghz Ram - 256 MB DDR HDD - 80 GB Sata Audio - Realtek ALC 880 chipset (8-channels for...
  5. C

    I am Totally Confused can anyone Help me to Slove the Prob.

    Iam a broadband user of one of the local ISP in my home town. it was unlimited there is no Up/Down load Limitations. They Hire Airtel OFC on 2MB capacity line. At present there 70 connetions in the town, he had to share all the line to all 70 members. Now the problem is that earlier the...
  6. K

    Symantec security

    iam unable to perform Symantec security scan. I have verified java. It is proper please tell me the solution. Iam using Win xp sp2.
  7. bala4digit


    Help Me Iam not getting any cool display images with animation in it of 80 x 80 pixels! :cry: I got some nice images but size was a problem then i tried editing by paint which stole its animation! :cry: Please guys help me iam getting more envious day by day by seeing others display images...
  8. dreams

    Urgent Help..

    Hi guys.. I want use my TV in the place of my Monitor. Cos playin a game in a TV is far more better than playin it in a Monitor. I also hv some Video Cassettes and need to convert them to VCD. Pls suggest how 2 do these.. One of my frnd told tht these r poss usin a TV Tuner Card. If iam...
  9. V


    some one please help copy a vcd .I got the following error message while opening it. any software to recover this cd ? iam using a LG RW and a samsung DVD ROM this vcd works fine on a vcd player .
  10. S


    I recently burnt the live CD of knoppix from the Digit DVD...the thing is that knoppix is not recogonising my mouse clicks although the pointer moves flawlessly...iam using the cordless mouse given by HP pavilion t560i...what might be the problem??
  11. V

    Want to know the prices for upgrading the system

    iam in the process of Updating my system I want the latest prices of Processors: Pentium 4 2.8,3.0 ghx processors with and without HT Motherboard: Intel 9215 GOM/POM,Intel 915 P/G (Which is the best for gaming 915P or 915G) RAM: 256MB DDR...
  12. A

    linux/suse 9.1 installation problem

    when i try to install your suse 9.1 in my comp.it sez no software packages found in the cdrom. i tried it out from my other freind cd but its the same where as in his comp he can install that. iam unable to even install redhat as it does not load up the graphix.it just comes to that point and...
  13. V

    XP profile currupted :( help !

    GUYS iam not able to change profile or create profile or change to administrator. each time i find a fresh desktop all the old files previously created is lost next time i reeboot. Now iam not able to install any software on own pc :shock: what can be done, how can i enter as an...
  14. L

    Interested sites which i visited!!!

    i jus wanted to start a thread which could create interest among users to post the intereting sites which they visit..since iam opera user.i want to start with opera Opera online skin editor: *www.bachius.com/opera/skineditor/
  15. V

    Caller id supported modem

    HEy can some one help me to choose a modem that can display the incoming call no etc ie a caller id capable modem . currently iam using a d-link internal modem can some one really help me out ?
  16. L

    vsnl dialup access

    hi iam using dialup net acces of vsnl.net... i want to know abt phone call billing in sundays, if iam using dial up net access is it same as call rate 10 min -1 call charge( night 11.00 -morning7) do tell me or give me abt url links ... :?:
  17. G

    window blinds

    hi iam looking for a demo version of windowblinds from where can i get it
  18. D

    Help the dead man

    Hello guys dead man here hey iam facing a strange problem some times my pc hangs on windows me logo iam using 845gebv2 board with 2.66 any suggesions and one more thing Even dead man' ll need help some times Deadman:twisted...
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