1. azzu

    Photographer camera plzz help

    Sorry guys for the awkawrd title iam buying a Digital camer at a budget of 15k so plz help me buy my requirements are i do a lot of touring so i shoot lotta landscaping so i need as much of zoom as possible and also lotta night indoor shots so plz suggest d best one for me iam...
  2. T

    urgent solution needed Please!

    Hi everybody I am trying to install a network printer with ip address but STANDARD TCP/IP PORT is not available in the windows xp to add.But when I try to install any local printer also I am getting the error posted Kindly anybody please help in this regard Operating system...
  3. Mohnishgs

    windows 7 freezes during shut down

    sometimes when i try to shut down my pc, soon after the "shutting down" screen the computer hangs this happens when i shut down while the net is still connected or when i try to connect to the net and it gets stuck on the "registering your computer on the network" screen and after some time it...
  4. shashank_re

    Need small help with Flash CS4 and Action Script

    I have designed a flash website using AS 3.0. I wanted the stage to be aligned automatically to the center and also want to load an image as background which should re-size according to the browser resolution... For this reason i got the following file from activeden ...
  5. H

    iam selling msi 9400 gt bought in january

    well i want to sell my masi 9400 gt bought it in january 2010 but now i think i hav made a mistake selling it in 3.5k wid box nd manual..my email is hazard.shobhit@gmail.com iam frm navi mumbai ny 1 interested post reply
  6. azzu

    Buying a New Mobile qwerty one

    hey guys iam buying a new mobile phone needs : i need a cheapest qwerty mobile with 240x320 screen res and java compatibility iam presently eying on Micromax q5 and i cant xtend my budget byond 4k so plz suggest any others ?
  7. azzu

    Best Multiplayer Game (online)

    hey iam not much into gamin but these days iam free so much intrested in gaming so wanted to know which is the best multiplayer game available out there .. ps : my config is p4 2.4ghz , 768 ram , 845 mobo no gfx card so tell me some games (multiplayer) which can be played on my system...
  8. azzu

    happy new year

    HAppy new year iam i on time :D :D
  9. azzu

    Setting up Wifi Internet

    guys i got a new lappy i have Bsnl BB in my home , i want to connect to internet via wifi to my lappy plz help iam havng UTStarcom modem with wifi. iam prstnly connected to net in my PC via Lan i want to connect to Lappy with out disturbing the PC iam able to get the wifi signal from modem...
  10. azzu

    Internet on Linux

    guys Mint nor Ubuntu (latest versions) are workin on my system (845board) so i checked out Puppyos its kool and i knida like it so the problem is iam unable to connect to internet which is BSNL bb so plz help me guys
  11. azzu

    HAIR FALL :(

    Guys My Hair's Falling iam already bald(30%) at age of 17 we dont have good noted skin specialists out here so plz help guys and medicines watever that may help stop hair fall or even grow hair back :D iam presently using minoxidil gel 2% fem company but hasnt shown any progress sorry for...
  12. JohnephSi

    bsnl.co.in not opening

    hy guys bsnl.co.in is not opening asking for authorization.i used siemens c2110. i used admin as password and username but it isnt working at all..iam in danger now...please help me
  13. JohnephSi

    Broadband disconnection

    Hy guys iam leaving my state this month for my further studies and i would return back for vacations for a month or so after each year.i would like to know how to disconnect my broadband connection and how to reconnect during my vacation. please tell me the full procedure iam in a great...
  14. JohnephSi

    Laptop suggestion

    Hy guys iam planning 2 buy a laptop 4 my budget of rs 35k..iam a gamer...the lappy must ve the featr 4 wify 2.........plz suggest me ... Thanks in advance friends
  15. rosemolr

    Someone is watching me...

    dear fellas.. In our college we had shifted to a new lab.we used to play games and chat during our programming and java hours..but now we got a serious prob that the &^%& admin of our lab and &%&%^77865*&^ vc++ faculty had installed one monitoring software..nameley VNC.He just...
  16. rosemolr

    Please help me with ma Q6600

    Hai fellas, i have a pc with Q6600 processor and DG33fb mobo.now i'am using it as itself in factory default setting..now i'am thinking of overclocking to get good spped for ma programs.please suggest me some ideas ..Thanks is advance
  17. azzu

    Cant boot in to windows

    Iam facing this problem frm last 3 days iam unable to boot into windows Xp i mean them boot screen appears while its loading and then it automatically restarts it happens every time iam unable to boot in iam now using UBUNTU live dvd and from that also iam unable to access my C drive (where...
  18. Mohnishgs

    serious internet issues..... PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. The max download speed i can get in torrents is 5kbps... i tried port forwarding but it doesn't work i even tried the software pfconfig to forward ports, but still the problem persists...... iam using hauwei smartAX MT882 modem and the connection type is PPPoE(bsnl 500 plan) (i have...
  19. J

    Which course after BTECH

    Iam a final semester student of btech in IT(CUSAT) in IHRD.I have an aggregate percentage of 62.Iam planning for new courses after btech.Iam going to be passed out by 2009 august-sep.My exams will be over by he middle of april.Wgich course should i choose iam from kerala .I have RHCE and PGDIT...
  20. H

    where can i get drivers for chipset km400

    hello, please tell me where i can latest display driver for chipset via km400 . iam using vista.:twisted::twisted::twisted:
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