Best Racing Game!!!


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Best Racing Game PC !!!

I know only racing games like Need for speed,Dirt and blur.I think that Need For Speed is the best

But Iam curious that is there any game better than need for speed
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Grid 2 is a good racing game. Cant say better than NFS but its good game!
& if you like simulation racing games then "Assetto Corsa" is a good game (available on steam) ....


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Racing games? That's my genre! :)

I love racing games. And I try to get my hands on as many racing games as I can without p!rating.
Currently I have following games on my steam account:


Audiosurf: Well this is not racing in true sense, but its kind of exciting. Select any music from your collection. And surf the wave the song created. I love racing on Linkin Park's song! :p

Burnout Paradise: This is grand daddy of all racing games, IMO. I started to play this for TDF playdates. But soon got addicted. Crusing around Paradise City, blasting posters, doing stunts, racing, I never seem to get tire of it. Plus the multiplayer is awesome. And recently I came to know it have a "Party" option, where you can compete with your friend on same PC taking turns. Its offline, so you don't need to have connection while in "Party" mode. Its. Damn. Fun!

Grid 2: I got this game with the i5 4570 I purchased. Its good too. I have only played for 2 hours. Liked it so far.

Need for Speed: Undercover: Don't need to say anything about it. It comes 3rd on my list after Burnout Paradise.

RaceRoom Racing: It sucks. The racing mechanics are so goddamn real, that it sucks all the fun out of racing. Maybe some other people like it for its simulation, but I sure didn't seem to like it.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: I waited almost a year before it showed up in a deal to purchase. Its a must have racing game to have if you have any kind of affection for Sonic. Playdates happen for Sonic but still now not able to participate it any. I played it only for an hour, and I am waiting for its turn after I get somewhat over BP. :p

TrackMania Nations Forever: This is by far the most played game of all time for me before I started playing BP. I have a history of playing and hosting it for TDF Playdates. Oh the good old days. In TrackMania you can compete against PC for 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank and can spend hours in an attempt to beat AI by microseconds. This is the game which made me buy an XBox controller, since keyboard just wasn't feeling right! There are multiple versions of TrackMania in different locations. And although the one I have is free, I am trying to get my hands on TrackMania Canyons, which seems to have stunning visuals!

So among the games I have I would order them as*:
2. Burnout Paradise
3. TrackMania Nations Forever
4. Need for Speed: Undercover
5. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
6. Grid 2
65535: Real Racing

*Order might change later.
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not much of a pc gamer now-a-days. NFS MW (2005) was one of the best racing games (loved Lamborghini Gallardo), also Roadrash FTW :p
Asphalt 4/6 were good too (java versions :p )


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Re: Best Racing Game PC !!!

F1 2013 if you want pure sim. Exeprience with feeling of sport (F1):)

since when did codemasters made f1 2013 a pure sim. even at the highest difficulty and all assits turned off its still not a sim maybe a semi sim at the best
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