Xperia Neo V wifi stopped working


Hi, i've had my neo v for almost two years now without too many problems,but yesterday it stopped detecting my home WIFI network....It detects other networks but i'am not sure if it will connect with them as those networks are password protected...i'am really confused as to why it just disconnected..

Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanku

p.s. I have switched the phone off and tried it disconnected the battery and tried it.


Fire Lord
Are u able to go online wired/wireless from any other devices like PC/LAP ?

If phone doesn't detect the Home WiFi only- sth is wrong with the network.


Reset the settings and try again. If this fails, do a factory reset after backing up all ur data. Snappea a PC app is quite handy. Do know that u cant backup ur games and app data unless u root ur phone and Titanium backup is a good app for the same.
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