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Hi everyone,:)

Iam really in big confusion regarding my career.I have very good and deep interest in computer stuff specially hardware and networking.i have also good knowlegde in c++ and linux also..But issue is iam currently im doing :banghead: ,now in first year .Do you think i can make my carrer in hardware or networking like system administration/Network Administration or others like ethical hacking...will it be good for my career ?

also suggest some certifications courses

or i better do a commerce related course like Mba or Charted accountancy...etc.

Completed 12th with maths with 85% from maharastra board. and currently in FYB*COM

please share your opinions. :cry::cry::cry:
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you can, though it won't be easy..
you need to do certain certifications: like CCent>CCNA>CCNP for networking or Security+>CEH>CCNP(Security)>OSCP for ethical hacking..
then you can apply for the jobs which demands talent rather than degree, they could overlook your B.Com and will assess you on the basis of certificate, though many jobs out there in n/w or hacking (especially in hacking) demands bachelors in IT related course (can be B.Sc., B.Tech/B.E)..


Networking : To start with get CCNA, CCNP (R&S) (Will take approx 6 months to understand the concepts and clear the exams), My recommendation is to spend 6 more months in playing with more and more scenarios, reading different case studies untill you feel those concepts in your heart all the time. Then You will be eligible to get a decent job in the market. Further you may plan to get CCIE (R&S) (which is one of the toughest and reputed certificate of the world). This will Boost your career ALOT.

Hacking : Certificates like CEH gives good openings to newbies. Addition to CEH go deeper, Learn more about tools Metasploit (yes you would required knowledge of Linux). Nmap, Nessus (These will be Introduced in CEH already). At this stage you will have pretty good idea of hacking and if you have understood all the concepts and spent time fiddling with that, you will be pretty good script kiddie at this moment and you will get a decent job.

Since you have got deep interest in the word of computers and you are keen to make career in related field, Skip your B.Com, Go for BCA.

If you will need any assistance in Networking Certificates, PM me.
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