Please recommend a good x99 motherboard with provides most bang for buck


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As in title..i was looking up on making a gaming pc, iam considering to increase my budget to get x99
1. Whats the cheapest i can get one for
2. Whats the most value x99 (price to performance) i get one for
3. and how much difference will jumping from z97 to x99 will make

Yes iam planning to over clock


Overclocking won't help in gaming. Try to get a Z97 + GTX 980 + Samsung 850 Evo/Pro 128 GB instead.

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Overclocking won't help in gaming.

A good X99 setup costs around 53k which includes Processor+MB+Ram.
A good Z97 setup costs around 35k which includes Processor+MB+Ram.

So for gaming any i5 4690+H97+8GB 1600Mhz is enough which costs around 28k. Decide for yourself.

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