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  1. RCuber

    Need Some Cooling fans

    Hello guys, I have a Cooler Master 430 Black Elite Cabinet and it has only two 120mm Fans. Both as intakes and there is no fans to pull the hot air away from the cabinet. I guess I will have to purchase one or two 120mm fans. I also noted that the temperature on the chipset on my motherboard...
  2. Faun

    Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB CL9 1600MHz RAM

    1.Model number and details: Vengeance™ — 4GB Single Module DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9) 2. Date of purchase: 3 June 2011 3. Reason for sale: It's a high profile RAM. Conflicts with my Thermalright TRUE heatsink. Going for low profile G.Skill RAMs. 4. Warranty details: Yes...
  3. slashragnarok

    Best CPU heatsink under Rs 3500

    What's the best CPU air cooler under Rs 3500? It also must be available in India. Must be compatible with LGA 775 and LGA 1155.
  4. banskt

    Do I need a heatsink?

    Hi all, a) Rig spec in my sig b) I do not overclock c) Only heavy duty is video encoding and phptoshop/illustrator. I am a regular torrent user and releaser, so that I have to video encode regularly. d) I have only one case fan (that comes with NZXT Gamma) e) Stock AMD heatsink f) CPU temps...
  5. digibrush

    Heatsink broken!!!

    Hi Friends, Recenly I replace my old pc's mobo(intel d101ggc dead:-() with Asus P5KPL-AM/PS. After instaling everything I noticed cpu( p4 2.66 G) temp was very high. 50-55 c in idle. So I clean the heatsink again, also clean cpu's metal surface and apply TP, try to insert HS and...
  6. blademast3r

    Flat rate courier service bangalore

    Hey guys Can someone recommend a good courier service in bangalore?? Need to ship a processor with heatsink.. How much wud it cost and how much do these things weigh??
  7. go4saket

    Heatsink & Fan for XFX 8600GT

    Hello Friends! I have a XFX 8600GT 256MB DDR3 GFX in my system. The problem is that due to some reason, the fan in the GFX is running very slow (damaged I guess) and because of that the capacitors in my GFX card got damaged. Although I got the capacitors replaced and my display is fine, I am...
  8. A

    FS: Intel Core2Duo

    Hi, I have intel core 2 duo e7300 bought in Feb 2009. Specifications: 2.66ghz , 3mb cache , 1066 fsb, emt64 and 45nm build. The actual usage has been only for 4 months, and has never been overclocked. The product will be shipped with original fan and heatsink. The...
  9. aytus

    Heatsink + Cabby @ <5000 Rupees

    Hi, I need to upgrade my HSF and cabinet. I want to know what is the best combo that i can get under 5000. the cabby must have a front mounted fan, and good airflow and cooling overall. and should fit the heatsink(obviously) in case its a bit big/ budget cant be extended more then 5k .. and...
  10. sourishzzz1234

    Where to get thermal paste and heatsink

    AM from Kolkata...i tried to find a thermal paste and a ASUS/SUnbeam Heatsink in and around Chandni but none of the shops have it....where can i get these two products and what would be the cost...?? I USE a core 2 Quad Q6600 and it's temperature is always around 60 C i guess it's not Ok...so...
  11. K

    Help with components, climate and 'clocking

    Here is my start list of components for my PC that I will use primarily for running heavy applications like Visual Studio and Virtual PC. My budget is around Rs.45000 (including I/O devices). I haven't bought any components in India for more than a decade, so am completely out of touch with...
  12. S

    Availability of Zalman ZM-NB47J heatsink in India

    Hello Members , the chipset fan of the A8N-E motherboard in my computer is failing .. the cheapest (and probably the permanent) solution as I learned from the Asus forum , is to replace it with Zalman heatsink as mentioned in the title of the post . Are these heatsink available in India...
  13. Fahd.Malik

    E7200 temp issue

    Hi guys My config is: E7200 Abit IP35 P 1gb ram coolermaster 390w extreme Psu 8600gt gpu CM 330elite cabinet My problem is that for past 15 days the cpu temperature has rised by 10 degrees. And I somtimes get warning beeps, and system hangs. I am not an overclocker. Using stock heatsink from...
  14. P

    overheating problem coz heatsink

    im using p4 3.06 ghz with nvidia 610i mobo my processor temerature is 65c for idle and 75-85 during heavy use and i think after 80c-85c pc turns off due to overheating i think this problem is bcoz of my heatsink is not properly mounted coz its 1 latch out of 4 is broken so guys whats the...
  15. ionicsachin

    Arctic Silver 5

    Hi friends, I am a bit confused about applying AS5 on my C2D.....according to the manual it shud be along a line and then put the heatsink over.....i have stock HSF......and then they ask to rotate the heatsink 1 or 2 degree .... this all seem too complicated...can anyone...
  16. prateek_san

    Processor temp !

    guys my CPu temp is 61 c at idle time had to change my Intel cpu fan it wasnt working at present using a new cpu heatsink....any suggestion on how i can lower these temp values.....pls guys help me :(
  17. RCuber

    CPU Cleaning

    Well I has a shocker of a incident today. My system froze and wouldnot bootup :shock:. no POST no nothing :mad: , later there was some noise in HDD, I was woried that this could be a major HDD issue .As I have 3 HDD's I codnot tell which one was the culprit. later decided to clean my CPU and fix...
  18. F

    overheating or something else?

    Hi, I have a p4 2.4ghz, d845gvsr mobo. My pc is 4 years old and had no problems until recently it started shutting down and after the shutdown, when started a message flashed that the shutdown operation was due to cpu overheating. This continued whenver my cpu was used to 80~100% for more than 5...
  19. H

    help!! pc not booting

    friends i need ur help, i've p4 2.4ghz, intel original d865gbf motherboard(onboard graphics) problem is, whenever i switch on the system: mobo lights comes on, cpu fan spins, even onboard graphic heatsink and cpu heatsink seems to be getting warm(i think they r functioning)...but there is no...
  20. godsownman

    Processor fan not working

    Hello, Since this morning, Ive noticed that my processor fan isnt working. Can somebody please giude me with what is to be done. I know that I without the fan the processor can get ruined but right now, I am externally cooling it (processor) with a table fan and it seems to be working. I am...
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