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  1. Rollercoaster

    SuperCooling your CPU with ICE WATER

    HI all... Guys i had an idea of making a motor less water cooling system for our beloved cpus... my conceptual designs are attached.... Basically i want to exclose that part of heatsink which comes between cooling fan and cpu socket in a water jacket made of thin metal. The images...
  2. J

    Need Urgent Help!

    Here are my system specs: AMD Athlon 3000 Venice ASUS Star Ice Blue Heatsink Winfast NF4XK8MC nForce 4 Motherboard VIP 400W SMPS MSI NVidia GeForce 6600GT Transcend 512X2 400Mhz RAM I have this in a COMPAQ MicroATX cabinet. I have just upgraded it. Earlier I had a Pentium 4 1.6...
  3. soham

    NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 512: Gaming hardware redefined.

    This card should have gotten a different name. With hugely increased clock speeds, more memory, a beefy heatsink (the one used on the Quadro FX 4500), and a new board layout, the GeForce 7800 GTX 512 is one very powerful card. Oh yeah, and it's got more RAM too. The heatsink has had quite a...
  4. R

    RIG Query..

    Hey Guys this is my first post on this site... and it simply rocks.. Planning to buy a rig.. Config is as follows AMD 64 3200+ OR 3500+ ASUS A8N SLI DLX 512 *2 DDR 400 (Transcend) DVD RW SONY DRU 810A XFX Geforce 6800GT (256MB) 160 SATA Seagate HDD CoolerMaster Hyper 48 Heatsink...
  5. Vyasram

    Heatsink Roars

    I have an Asus a8n-e motherboard . My motherboard's heatsink is producing a shwirling noise like something is being scratched every five secs . I opened my cab and found no wires in between and no signs of dashing . I also noted it raising and decreasing its speed very frequently . What's the...
  6. A

    bend of motherboard

    my motherboard is via and processor is p4 1.7 GHz but the problem is whern i m installing the processor the motherboard take a bow shape and the power supply dose not reach to the processorbut when u relese the heatsink every thing just do fine. so what's the solution on this problem
  7. The Incredible

    Product Guide 2005 - CPU

    Hi! I wanna ask that in Digit Dec 2004 issue they provided a section name Product Guide 2005 from pg 109 2 pg 152. In da CPU section ( on pg 110 ). In buying tips area it ior mentioned that "Since proccs run at high speeds continuously, cooling becomes an important issue. get a top class...
  8. O

    the processor stuck to the heat sink .......

    when i removed the heatsink of my P4 , the processor had stuck to the heat sink.the processor had come out WITH the heat sink.what does it mean ? is the processor heating too much ? the processor had stuck so firmly that i had to spend some time to remove it.when it finally came off, the thermal...
  9. B

    CPU fans throws air away or sucks air to the heatsink?

    Till know I was assumming that CPU fan which comes with processor throws air out from heatsink to cool it till I discover after placing agarbatti near it showed that it sucks in the air. How does that works?
  10. W

    NorthBridge Cooling

    HI...does anyone know where i can get a fan for the northbridge heatsink or a new heatsink and fan combo?? There are lots of them available online but none ship to India if u could tell me abt a site which ships to India that will be helpful too.
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