1. Anorion

    Forget apps, old-school mobiles ring in a comeback

    link is it time yet for the phone to start being just a phone again?
  2. Sam22

    10 million LG Optimus L series handsets sold out???

    I was just browsing through tech2.com and came across a article which states that LG has sold out 10 million Optimus L series handsets. So can we say that Samsung is going to get a tough fight with LG now after they have captured the market lead by Nokia. The LG Nexus is going be launched in...
  3. a_medico

    CDMA handsets in India

    Why these guys don't take cdma market so seriously? Don't they get much profit in it? While GSM services roll out one handsets after another, the best cdma handset available on cdma in India (on tata cdma) is still Samsung Galaxy Pop! This is quite frustrating.
  4. A

    Nokia debuts Lumia 800, 710, first Windows Phone handsets

    SOURCE: Nokia debuts Lumia 800, 710, first Windows Phone handsets | Crave - CNET
  5. G

    Nokia c6-00?

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy Nokia C6-00. It's priced Rs.13000 here in Amritsar.I want to know in next one month, how much slash in price I can expect? and also Should I buy this phone at this time, or I wait for some more time so that some more Handsets from NOKIA like C6-01 and C7...
  6. maverick786us

    Dell Streak or Milestone

    I wanna gift a high end handset to my dad next month on his Anniversary. So out of these 2 handsets which one is better? In terms of high end advanced features??
  7. E

    Need a CDMA phone

    Hello friends, I'm looking out for a CDMA phone for my father. He has a Reliance connection. He is not much into music. But he does like taking pics and videos from his phone. So I'm in search of a phone that looks stylish and has a decent cam+ it shud be easy to operate + it shud have memory...
  8. topgear

    India to phase out Chinese handsets by April 13

    New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Cheap Chinese handsets that do not have an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) - a unique 15-digit identity code - will be phased out from the Indian market by April 13, industry operators said. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has directed telephone...
  9. pulkit_aga

    nokia diwali offer

    those who are planning to buy new phone or exchange old nokia phones see this *www.techtree.com/India/News/Diwali_Offers_Nokia_Exchange_Upgrade/551-93949-893.html Diwali Offers: Nokia Exchange & Upgrade Techtree News Staff, Oct 08, 2008 1010 hrs IST It's festival time...
  10. iinfi

    Fake handsets threaten mobile majors

    Fake handsets threaten mobile majors
  11. N

    N81 8gb and N81 !!

    Hi Whats is the difference between these two handsets ?? I didnt find any except the memory of 8gb ! One of my friend is looking out for this phone, the nokia n81 8gb is not available in north delhi stores ?? dunno why ! So he settled for n81 without 8gb..just need some clarification...
  12. S

    Infosys: Holograms on handsets by 2010

    Holographic mobile handsets capable of projecting, capturing, and sending 3D images have been developed by Indian tech giant Infosys. By 2010, the devices will routinely beam 3D films, games, and virtual goods into our laps, according Infosys, which has patented the handset. The portable...
  13. naveen_reloaded

    Sony Ericsson Wins J.D Power Award !!

    For the second consecutive time, Sony Ericsson ranked highest in U.S. overall customer satisfaction performance among wireless mobile phone brands in the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates U.S. Wireless Mobile Phone Evaluation Study(SM). Sony Ericsson was previously ranked highest in the same study...
  14. T

    Spreading Worm Hits Nokia Handsets

  15. CadCrazy

    Now See TV on BSNL GSM Handsets

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has announced its 'TV in mobile handset' service in some parts of the country. Which means: GSM customers of BSNL will be able to watch as many as 12 television channels on their mobile handsets. These include: NDTV, Aaj Tak, Times Now, CNBC, ETV, TV9, Zoom...
  16. shyamno

    Is it true ??? Windows Mobile OS in NOKIA N94i

  17. Third Eye

    Nokia N81, 5310,N95 8GB and 5610 announced

    After months of rumors and spy photos, Nokia finally announced their latest handsets at the Nokia GoPlay event in London. Official pictures of the new handsets already leaked yesterday, but guys now it's official. The new handsets are the Nokia N95 8GB, the Nokia N81 and Nokia N81 8GB plus...
  18. R

    6 New Low-end Phones From Motorola

    For India, these low end phones may be a good choice but outside they arent even looked at. wonder why they launched 6 phones at once. We’ve yet to see any press releases detailing exactly what Motorola intends to do with these, but the imagery in its media database pretty much says it all...
  19. 2kewl

    Nokia Announces Seven Handsets for Emerging Markets

    From a press event in New Delhi, India today, Nokia has announced seven new handsets that cater to emerging markets and developing nations. Nokia, along with Motorola, has shown a lot of initiative in bringing low-cost handsets into these markets, and has proven today that an ultra-low price...
  20. A

    Are There Any Code To Unlock Sony Ericsson Z,w And K-series Handsets?????

    are there any codes that unlock the sony ericsson handsets especially that of z-series, k-series and walkman series?
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