Nokia N81, 5310,N95 8GB and 5610 announced

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After months of rumors and spy photos, Nokia finally announced their latest handsets at the Nokia GoPlay event in London. Official pictures of the new handsets already leaked yesterday, but guys now it's official. The new handsets are the Nokia N95 8GB, the Nokia N81 and Nokia N81 8GB plus another three XpressMusic handsets - the Nokia 5610, the Nokia 5310, and the Nokia 5700 Black Edition.
Nokia brought joy to all fans of the high-end Nokia N95 by announcing the exciting Nokia N95 8GB edition. The Nokia N95 8GB comes dressed in black and has undergone several changes. The main one of course is the thrilling memory capacity of 8GB. It is technically 8.1GB as there are also 100MB of system memory for messages, ringing tones etc. The screen has also grown up from the 2.6" of the original to 2.8" in the new edition. The display still supports QVGA resolution and can show up to 16M colors. Nokia N95 8GB is powered by 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery as opposed to the rather modest 950 mAh in the original Nokia N95 - hoepfully the new battery will be able to deal better with the phone’s energy needs. The weak battery was probably the most criticized feature of the original N95 model. The higher capacity battery on the other side has resulted in removing the lens cover. Luckily, the GPS is still present, regardless of the expectations that it will be sacrificed in order to make room for the extra memory. Instead the memory card slot is removed so transferring data through card-reader is no longer an option.

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The 5610 interests me. 3.2 MP , dedicated music phone. I think this can click big time, no phone has been able to strike a balance between music and cam todate


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btw how about 5700 black?? I was waiting for it... red one seems girly...This one looks great!! :p
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