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  1. A

    Need Info On GeForce 8200 motherboard

    Guys,help me on this one!! Is this mobo good??geforce8200. whats the price??is it available in india?whats its performance??
  2. N

    PCI Geforce 7300 GS for sale

    hi guys i wanna sell my pci graphics card nvidia geforce 7300 GS 512 MB....i am selling it for 1300/- interested people may PM me.....
  3. VarDOS

    Power Usage!!!

    Power Usage Typical Component Of PC Use The Following Power : Combo Drive : 30 W CD Drive : 20 W HardDrive : 25W DDR2 SDRAM 7.5W MotherBoard : 30W AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ : 31W AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ : 69W AMD Athlon 64 FX - 62 : 130W Intel Core2Quad Q6600 : 87W Intel Core 2 Duo...
  4. B

    graphic cards

    my pc has an asus p5gl mx mobo with intel 915gl chipset.it has a pci-e x16 slot which work in x4 mode.can i use nvidia geforce 7300 or 7600 graphic card in it.plz mention the nvidia 7series and 8series gfx card that i can use.
  5. B

    graphic cards

    my pc has an asus p5gl mx mobo with intel 915gl chipset.it has a pci-e x16 slot which work in x4 mode.can i use nvidia geforce 7300 or 7600 graphic card in it.plz mention the nvidia 7series and 8series gfx card that i can use.
  6. S

    GeForce 7300GT - Related query...

    GeForce 7300GT- can it be used as capture card hi guys, i own GeForce 7300GT DDR2 PCIe Graphics card for my Gaming passion. Can any one kindly clarify my doubt whether the same graphics card can be used for viewing Television in the PC and record the programs. I have set top box connection...
  7. CadCrazy

    Nvidia Targets 3D Gaming With Stereoscopic 3D

    At NVISION 08, Nvidia announced Stereoscopic 3D Technology, which will enable a three-dimensional gaming experience using Nvidia GeForce GPUs. This technology, exclusive to Nvidia GeForce GPUs, will have hardware and software integrated solutions for auto-conversion of games to stereoscopic 3D...
  8. comp@ddict

    NVIDIA 9400GT and prices

    First check this: http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_9400gt_us.html This product support PCI express 2.0 and hybrid SLI technology, and also reduced the energy consumption level in comparison with previous version geForce 8400 GS. The video card geForce 9300 on base of g98 chip...
  9. vamsi_krishna

    Devil May Cry 4 "fatal Error"

    Hello, There is a problem in running DMC4 DEMO, when my friend launches the game the following error pops out --------------------------- Fatal error. --------------------------- D3DERR_INVALIDCALL : mpD3D->CreateDevice(mD3DAdapter, mD3DDeviceType,IMain->mhWnd...
  10. rohitshubham

    over clocking/Latency

    hey What IS over Clocking AND Latency? and what devices can be overclocked can i overclock them 1. NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 2. DDR1 PC3200 Ram
  11. G

    Motherboard shows a geforce 9 instead of 8 as onboard

    I have an ASUS M3N H/HDMI motherboard which has geforce 8300 onboard graphics... but the day from which i bought the thing, the graphics is shown as geforce 9200... i ran it through GPU-Z... still it shows the same.. What seems to be the problem?? I installed the geforce 8300 drivers...
  12. S

    Nvidia to launch Intel-based MCP7A IGP chipset in August 2008

  13. F

    Nvidia geforce 7300LE v Asus geforce 8500GT

    hey guys i'm planning on buying the 8500gt graphic card and i'm a bit thight on budget but i'm not sure if i can play games like GRID and Assasin's Creed reasonably smooth at mid/high settings then. I currently own the geforce 7300LE and i can play these games smoothly on low settings my pc...
  14. avi1708

    Should I go woith Dell or Mac ???

    this is urgent. i had my mind set on the inspiron 1420 when a apple dealer showed me the macbook(same range). he says its loads better on every front, etc etc. all of which i knew. but then he said that although mac uses intel gma its custom built and can easily take on geforce 8400gs. i am not...
  15. N

    Which SMPS needed for this config

    Hi Everybody, I am planning to assemble a PC with this config : - CPU : E2180 or E4500 (intel) RAM : 2 GB MB : XFX 630i HDD : 320 GB SATA II One DVD Writer GPU : XFX Geforce 8800 GT 512 MB please suggest a suitable SMPS to power this machine. Is 450 Watt SMPS enough ? please suggest ... :)
  16. Ranjya

    GeForce FX5200 PCI 128mb

    I have a used GeForce FX5200 PCI 128mb card with VGA and DVI output + TV out. It is 2 yrs old in working condition. Expected price Rs 2500/- P.S :- It is PCI not PCI-e
  17. BBThumbHealer

    LG 29" TV Set & GeForce 8600GT

    Hello Guys , Today i was connecting my LG 29" Flat TV to my CPU using the S-Video Out on my GeForce 8600GT...Now when i start up my CPU with the TV connected in AV Mode , i am able to see the whole process of booting up quite clearly , but as soon as it gets over , now when the logon screen has...
  18. avi1708

    geforce 8400m has TuboCache ?

    :confused:both dell inspiron 1420 & HP Pavilion dv2700 Special Edition has geforce 8400m 128mb. but hp says it allows "up to 895MB total graphics memory with 128MB dedicated". does that mean dell's allows the same ?? (if it does then :D:D:D:D:D i can't wait !!!)
  19. N

    Over 670MHz with GTX280 is dangerous

    Some partners pushing it We've asked around how far can you push and issue a warranty on Geforce GTX 280 as most of the partners stops at 670MHz and one dares to go for magical 700MHz. Geforce GTX 280 is very hot card even at its default clock and we've learned that 670MHz is something that...
  20. N

    Radeon HD 4870/4850 official game performances charts

    Turkey donanimhaber.com revealed the AMD official Radeon HD 4870/4850 game performances info. Radeon HD 4870 faced to the high-end game market while Radeon HD 4850 is for the mainstream game market (below 200$) and it can run most of the games at HD and high settings. Radeon HD 4870...
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