1. RCuber

    The Orange Box!!

    I was thinking of purchasing the orange box, mainly for Portal and TF2, as I don't want to download 20+ GB of data :P I wanted to know if people here are actively playing TF2, I just don't want to get into a without a friend or much knowledge (read n00b). I might play HF 2 series but not...
  2. cacklebolt

    Friend getting Lumia 800 free from aunt !!

    my friend was telling me today that his aunt is ready to give him her old lumia 800 for free to him. so he was thinking that he should get it for now and then when the lumia 620 launches he should sell off the 800 for a reasonable price. how is the plan ?? and how much should he expect for...
  3. cacklebolt

    Friend needs cheapest mobo- OCing FX 4300

    As the title says, my friend will be getting the FX 4300 whenver it launches in India and he need the cheapest possible mobo to overclock it. his total budget for entire rig is ~ 35k. remaining components are corsair vengeance 8gb 1600 mhz/ Gskill 8gb 1600 mhz. Radeon HD 7850 Corsair...
  4. sam9953

    Second hand bicycle dealer in delhi

    Hi There, guys I am very new to this forum and I have been an avid cyclist since a few years now. But recently I lost my hercules bicycle and to replace it I borrowed a BSA Mach 19 from my friend , but sadly that too got stolen. So now my friend wants me to return him a similar cycle. I put up a...
  5. V

    Almost anyone can fake your facebook death

  6. T

    Gaming laptop under 80K

    So here i go again... This time i'm doing research for a different friend with different requirements... Please help me out guys. 1) What is your budget? 80000 INR (though will also consider suggestions upto say... 85k if the difference is really worth it. 2) What size & weight...
  7. S

    Cool Pen Drives

    Hey Everyone This is the first time I am seeking for help for this kind of product purchase, yet i thought it might be helpful as well... :P I am looking for a cool or as u can state it a cute pen-drive to gift it to a friend ( female ) of mine. I did go through many websites but nothing...
  8. dude_gamer

    Buying Second hand HP pavillian dv1000

    Posting Behalf of my friend: Any suggestion Guys My friend is getting Hp pavilion dv 1000 @2500-3000 INR. 4 Years Old Laptop & minor screens scratched :(
  9. sharang.d

    Need a new Router(Non Adsl) under 2k

    1) Should have 4 or more LAN ports 2) WIFI (Band and frequency does not matter) 3) DD-wrt supported will be an added advantage but not really necessary. It's for a friend.
  10. ithehappy

    No one can join my host server for gaming, why?

    Hi, I'm having a problem. The thing is sometimes we play games online (very few however). Now we used to play CS, FIFA etc. I can join my friend's created server easy but whenever I create a server from my end my friend says he is unable to connect. It has happened with any game. We both use...
  11. darkv0id

    Need help with motherboard, PSU and CPU cooler

    Greetings! So my friend wanted to build a new rig and he's zeroed down on the processor and the GPU. Processor: i5 2500k GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 OC Edition The PSU, cooler and motherboard remain points of contention. I hope you guys can help! 1. My friend plans to OC both the CPU and...
  12. angie

    Gaming Rig for 50k

    Hi, My friend wants to build a gaming rig. Budget: 50K (at most 55k) When: Within 2 weeks (at most by end of Sep) Buying preference: Local/Online Monitor: Yes. Size 22 inch (Resolution: Not sure) Mouse/Keyboard/speaker : NO Have I assembled before: No Hard Disk: 1 TB at least. OS: Windows 7/8...
  13. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] Tab for sub-15k

    Hello! asking on behalf of a non-member friend. is anyone willing to part from his tab for sub-15k? friend is interested in the likes of ipad 2, etc., ie, bit inclined more towards a non-android device. am not much knowledgeable on tabs, hence please pardon if the expectation seems to be high...
  14. clerkman1612

    Want to pursue BBA from a Recognized University in Delhi?

    :grin:Guys. I want to pursue B.B.A(Bachelors of Business Administration) from a Recognized University in Delhi.:stirpot: I can attend only weekend classes as I am also doing a full time job. Plz Digit Experts Help me by giving an advice. I m very serious in this matter. I also got information...
  15. ithehappy

    Asking for a friend..

    As the title says one of my friend is buying the Zotac 210 GT GPU and he owns a Asus P5N-MX Motherboard. Will it support that board? He has another query, is the 210 GT card better than 9800 GT? Really tired and lazy, so can't search by myself. So TDF friends, please help me :razz: TIA.
  16. M

    Home based content writing....

    Guys i dont know anything about this.Please give me some information about this.My friend is doing a job and i also want to do it if its worth it.....
  17. stellar

    Tagged comments n Tags

    I have seen in tagged social site, that one can block comments,messages and posts to from sending to specific friend. How it is done coz i tried to but couldn't find how to?
  18. ritvij

    SRM/Symbiosis/UPES what to choose?

    guys i am planning for a btech in CS. i am currently getting admissions in SRM Delhi, Symbiosis Pune and Petroleum University in Dehradun.. which of these would be the best? also if anyone has any relative or friend in any of them kindly share it here!
  19. CarlonSamuels

    gaming config for my friend

    Processor-AMD 3 GHz AM3 Phenom II 1075T Rs.7420 Mobo-ASUS M5A97 Rs.6374 Ram-G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 4 GB*4 Rs.6104 Graphics Card-HIS AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6850 GPU 1 GB GDDR5 Rs.9968 Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD Rs.5341 Asus DRW-24B3ST Internal Optical Drive (Black) Rs.1135 Corsair CMPSU-800GUK...
  20. V

    gpu help

    i want to buy gpu budget of 10000k and i had think about corsair gx 800 watts psu but my friend told me to buy nvidia card because it has nvidia physics so please recommend me a good card
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