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  • oh, then there is every chance Tipo will be in. it is available in more colour and feels bigger than Mini. Lastly Mini still retails for 11k locally and production has stopped. So finding it mayn't be easy.
    320MB or so. sufficient even without doing any of the rooting and flashing stuff. i am living with 200MB and currently have 160MB free. Tipo is not the successor of mini cause its more like a downgrade from Mini.
    Yup, mini have better processor (not just by clockspeed) & far better GPU. and UI is different. i have used the 4 corner UI on my mobile and it really works smooth.

    Mini has received ICS more than 2 month ago. and none of them will get JB. and i can bet you'll not recognize if mini is running GB or ICS unless you check, so heavy is the Timescape UI though not system heavy. mini is amazingly smooth and best part is definitely the excellent battery life, maybe cause battery is completely sealed and screen is small. 24hrs on 3G is possible and my friend have it so i know all these numbers.
    or go with Xperia Mini. It retails for sub 10k at a couple of online stores. It has lot better camera than Tipo.
    not done till now as soon as i get my remaining parts (gpu,fans),i will post my oc tests and results in the forum.
    name changed and for stability testing better use game benchmark apps( download them from guru3d ).
    Just run Unigine Heaven and games. Anything else is not needed.

    If you will google then you'll come across something known as "Furmark". NEVER EVER USE IT.
    One is HDMI to the TV. Two USB wires - one for keyboard and one for mouse. Ethernet wire for Internet (not required now since it has on-board Wifi).

    And the power cable.

    I'll be using it for Android development. I'll soon start with it.
    Pandaboard ES. It's a single board computer. It has the same hardware that of Galaxy Nexus mobile. :)
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