1. Plasma_Snake

    Orkut profile Closure

    A friend of friend of mine has a fake profile of Orkut created in her name . Any way to close it down or Hack Orkut to close it? :-?
  2. skippednote

    Why did she say no?

    Hey friends i'm a 16+ guy i study in 11class and have fell in love with a girl at my tution. at tution She looked at me and used to give smiles and my reaction was same too. This continued for about a week. Then i went to her and asked her that i wanted to be her friend but she didn't agree...
  3. Stalker

    5.1 surround headphones

    Hi guys I've shortlisted two 5.1 headsets. Zalman ZM- RS6F * Gainward SoundXplosion 5.1 Are these headsets available in India? How are they priced? Does anydody in the forum have either of them? A...
  4. satyamy

    Laptop Fan Problem ????

    I (my friend) have Compaq V2000 * Laptop I has fan in the bottom and the fan is not running I Lap on and works fine but start heating after few minutes and shutdown automatically within 10 minutes he (my friend) show it to...
  5. D

    Generic Host Process For Win32 Services

    this error occurs only when i run net for 10-15 minutes .......or download something..... i mean it occurs only when net is running moreover after this error i cannot use internet even my system tray shows net connection plus it chaanges themes from windows xp to classic and back...
  6. narangz

    How Happy Is Life Without A Girlfriend

    HOW HAPPY IS LIFE WITHOUT A GIRLFRIEND Reasons why LIFE without a Girl Friend is cool ****************** 1. You can stare at any Girl....... ************* 2. You don't have to spend money on her. ************* 3. You won't get boring result in ur board...
  7. mohanty1942

    Instant Messaging from Linux to WinXP

    Mine has fedora 8 (Digit Feb 08 DVD) installed & my friend has WinXPSP2 in the other building (Both are connected by LAN (ips are & . We can ping each other . Also am able to access internet (currently using) by specifying my friend's machine as proxy server. Now...
  8. jithudigitised

    Valentines Day only for lovers??

    when we say valentines day..first thing that comes to our mind is the lovers.. ;) well i have a doubt...i have a friend who is a girl..but we are not lovers..its just friendship and i dont want her to be my lover... i wants to give her a gift as a friend..but will she misunderstand me and...
  9. S


    Guys... pl let me know if some one using N80 and howz it... planning to buy off.... Planning to buy for my friend.. budget is 12-13k. Currently using 6600.. Thanks Saran
  10. Hustlerr

    What's the price of PS2 in Pallika Bazzar ??

    I have following questions regarding PS2 because My friend is Buying it ................. 1. Whats the Ps2 price in Pallika Bazaar, Tell me the minimum price on which i can get it. Tell me shops too and if u know for what price Electronic Palace is selling it, so tell plz. 2. Whats the price...
  11. abhi.eternal

    How to install W375?

    How to connect W375 to PC (Win 2K) as there are no drivers available? I couldn't find it through online search also! P.S. I am using the data cable that comes with Creative Zen Stone (oh yes.. to those who remember, i gifted one to my friend and got me one too... it's cool!). The USB fits...
  12. soumya

    My friend is having a little problem with his OS [XP]

    My friend is having a problem with his OS [XP]. The problem is that the boot menu has become the F8 menu, and whenever he is choosing 'Start XP normally', the computer is restarting. No success with all the other menu options,including safe mode. I have even tried repairing the os with the xp...
  13. arunks

    guys provide me fortran language

    Guys my friend wants to make and run some programs of fortran,.. So plz tell me from where i can download it.. or if anyone have it then email or send me via uploading.. plz do fast as my friend has 2moro viva
  14. *GandaBerunda*

    k790i?? plzz help :)

    Ive fallen in love wit the camera and the music player of k790i, and im thinking of buying it. But ive heard that it keeps hanging and also the joystick is supposed to be bad. A friend of mine says moto rokr e6 is a better choice. What do u say? Im really confused:confused:
  15. neelu09

    21 Dec. 2012. Will the world end????

    guys i have come scross a lot of places where they say they the date 21 dec. 2012 is important. Some say we will come to know of aliens on moon. Some say the solidification of earth's core begins. One of our friend gururaj said that after that day we will believe in ghosts???? What's your...
  16. srikanth.9849671439

    5610 Or N73me

    My friend wants to buy a mobile around 15k. which mobile is best between 5610 or n73me..:confused:
  17. chicha

    Edifier speakers

    my friend and i went to buy speakers and we selected creative 5.1 Inspire, but then i remembered that another friend once told me that edifier(do not remember the modal number) speakers are nicer. so we checked the same 5.1 and we found out that creative was a complete waste. the subwoffer...
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