Firefox for Android goes Native


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Firefox for Android goes Native

Mozilla has announced the availability of the latest version of Firefox for Mobile that features a new updated Native UI that promises a much faster browser for mobile.

One of the key reasons the Firefox has had so many add-ons, is that it is extremely customizable; the browser itself is built with the same kind of technologies that most websites are which makes it easy for browser developers to hack on features and UI changes. Just like the web is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (among other technologies and formats), Firefox is built on XUL, CSS and JavaScript, with the user interface heavily built on the HTML-like XUL.

It turns out that this comes at too heavy a cost when it comes to mobile platforms. Mozilla decided to implement an UI that used native platform features instead one one built using their custom technology. In the process they have also revamped the UI.

Firefox is in fact heading for a unified look across platforms. The Firefox desktop version is also heading towards a new look under the code name Australis. In fact you can already try out builds that showcase some of this new UI.

The new Firefox for Android still has all the old Firefox features such as Synchronization, add-ons etc. but this new version also features support for Adobe Flash on mobile.



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