Firefox for Android.


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Is the best browser available for the platform.

Chrome is Internet Explorer 6 now. No tabs anymore. Slow. Crashes. Eats up batter. No Adblock/Extensions.

Another problem with Webkit based browsers is - auto-download of APKs on some websites, automatic opening of Play Store on some websites and other BS. The website people are to be blamed, but there is a reason why they are targetting Webkit users. Or Blink whatever they call the engine now.

If you want to use a Webkit browser, use Opera instead.

Otherwise Firefox is the best. No flaws at all.


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Firefox for downloading and visiting those pesky site s that spam with multiple popups
Chrome for normal browsing
Also you do know you can switch back to tab switcher inside the browser
Also as for adblock that is there and as for battery use greenify or servicly


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How do you block a website from prompting to open Play Store through an ad in Firefox?
There some news sites which inevitably do that and irritate the hell out of me.

And is it possible to block modal dialogues in Firefox for Android?


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FireFox will be my next browser after i reformat my phone soon (have used it briefly). Maxthon has been good too, and even the stock browser for me.


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Been using Firefox for Android for a long time now, mostly because of the high number of extensions available and that I rely on sync a lot.


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Also you do know you can switch back to tab switcher inside the browser
Nope. I disabled Chrome altogether from the phone.

My friend was the one complaining about tabs not being there anymore. But he also disabled Chrome and is using Firefox now.

Still Chrome is bloat and too heavy. I suggest everyone to use Opera instead.

Is it just for me? Chrome crashes a lot.
Move over to Firefox/Opera.
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