Android application data sync in Firefox


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I have disabled auto sync in my Android phone.

I have been using Firefox sync since the beginning happily. However it looks like the newer version of Firefox sync uses this auto sync setting for syncing its data.

How can I setup my phone so that only Firefox is allowed to auto sync and no one else is?

I have rooted my phone and am on 4.3 Jelly Bean (being insistently pestered by Sony to update to 4.4)


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Well, first disabling Auto Sync is not recommended. Since it auto syncs contacts, mails etc. Which is highly conveinient. I hope you have a good reason to disable it.
Secondly, you can goto Settings, and under Accounts section, you can disable only google sync and enable syncing for other applications.


Wise Old Owl
I am paranoid ;) do not want the internet to know everything about me. More so Google. (probably futile anyway)

I have begun to be really really worried since Google started to remember me even when I was logged out in my desktop browser. I am doing some random search and suddenly I notice that there is something about Google Plus in the top right showing my name! It seems now I have to maintain a cookie to opt out of this "feature".
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