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dear friends,
when i scroll down the page in firefox everything fade away. i am giving screenshot. please help untitled.JPG


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That's too much less info.

? What is the current version of the browser?
? So have you tried to update the version of the Firefox?
? Does this happens in other browser too?
? Have you updated graphics drivers?

And lastly,
? Is there some genuine reason to stuck with XP?

Also, I am guessing since you have an LCD monitor, your PC is capable enough to handle Ubnutu or Windows 7? If not, kindly ignore this point.


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this is an old are probably running ati radeon mobility/laptop card of old 4xxx series.i face same issue with dell ati mobility radeon 4570 card.


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dear friend,
it is latest version of firefox, it was giving same prob with old version so i updated it.other browsers run well.yes i recently updated my system drivers using "driver booster".


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Turn off hardware acceleration.

Go to Options > General tab > Uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available". Restart firefox.
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