Firefox not playing YouTube videos.



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I tried everything nothing works.... :-(


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Is it only YouTube or all flash?
In the latest version of Firefox all plugins except Flash are click to play. May be due to some reason Flash has gone that way in your setup.


Oh shi! Now I see that this is in Chit Chat - Bandwidth wastage section :eek:
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same problem with me, but actually, its adobe flash player which is creating havoc.
i simply disabled it (it was creating never ending pop-ups of errors and asking to choose between "Close program" and " close program and search online for solutions" )
the problem occurs on many websites like dropbox.

I have google chrome as backup :p (it has flash built in so, vids work good.


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The screen stays black for as long as you leave the tab open...The circular dots in the middle keep on rotating :(

IDM doesn't work with Chrome for YT videos...For watching videos Chrome does the job....

still not solved?
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