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I have just upgraded to Windows 10 (clean install) and installed all my usual stuffs. The problem is that while using Firefox 40.0.2 I am not able to go to sites like google (I get the message that the connection is Untrusted). Even for sites like Yahoo, all I see are hyperlinks and plain texts with absolutely no images or other formatting visible.

I thought my Kaspersky IS might be the problem but I am able to open all sites perfectly using Internet Explorer.

What is the problem?


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I faced the exact issue after I assembled a new PC last weekend.
And at that time I wasn't able to find the issue, so I ended up reinstalling the OS.

Later I found out it was due to incorrect date/time which was reset after I had pulled out the battery. So yea, issue is incorrect system Time/Date.
If you face the issue after every reboot, then your CMOS battery needs to be changed.


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The file contained numerous entries, including those that were blocked on my computer. I removed all the entries from the file and all
the sites were accessible(taking a backup first, of course)

The corrupt file contained several hundred sites that would have been blocked if I had tried them.


If its date/time issue then why is IE able to work without any problem? Also my MoBo is new and has been working perfectly till the update. So I can leave aside the problem with CMOS battery.


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It is definitely Kaspersky IS web protection. Try disabling web monitoring and it should work.

Reason might be Kaspersky substituting the website certificate while it scans before your page load.
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