1. mitraark

    TV flickers when turning on other appliances

    Have a Samsung 40H5100, plugged in to wall port, no stabilise. Whenever someone in the other room turns on the Fan/light, the screen turns off for a second and turns back on. When the installation guy came he said it was because of earthing problems.but I got the electric ports checked and...
  2. P

    Tata Photon Plus - Too slow.

    I have Tata Photon Plus that I use occasionally in Mumbai / Pune area. It has taken me back to old days of 56kbps modem (even worst). Lot of times all I see is ‘Waiting for’ or ‘Resolving host’ etc in browser status bar!! Suddenly one fine moment they load (full or incomplete) and again back to...
  3. Prongs298

    LUMIA 1320 review

    probably too late as now newer phones are available, but still, i wanted to do this review after using the phone for sometime. model lumia 1320 OS Microsoft Windows Phone 8, upgradeable to v8.1 Chipset Qualcomm MSM8230AB Snapdragon 400 (3G model)/ MSM8930AB...
  4. S

    Workstation+Server ?

    I am planning to buy a workstationish server under 1 lakh, but I am sorta confused. Below are my requirements : Processor : Xeon E3 or E5 series processor. RAM : 4GB or 8 GB Chipset : Intel C series, single socket is fine, if Dual socket is available, better. GPU : None as of now. Power...
  5. L

    Desktop powers off few minutes after start

    I have an old desktop with AMD-Athlon X2 processor and ASUS M2NPV VM motherboard.Since yesterday afternoon when I switch it on , it boots properly and works fine for few minutes and then powers off. A week back I added 1 GB RAM (total 2 GB RAM now)and cleaned up thermal paste and applied once...
  6. hansraj

    Unable to access PC or router remotey and /monitor CCTV through Internet

    Hello guys, Things were all fine till my internet service provider changed his servers. Thats what he says. Earlier I was able to do these three things without any problem: a. Used to take control of my desktop PC through VNC from my laptop(via internet). b. Used to monitor the...
  7. R

    Xiaomi Pays $20,000 Fine For Misleading Taiwanese Consumers

    Xiaomi Pays $20,000 Fine For Misleading Taiwanese Consumers
  8. Nipun

    Are woodland shoes fine for treadmill?

    There's a couple of gyms and many treadmills in the university I have just joined and I was planning to start by using the treadmill. I only have woodland shoes and a pair of slippers with me right now. Are these fine for treadmill? Please excuse me if this is a super stupid question, I know...
  9. R

    how to Switch off Wifi Auto scanning After it has been connected to 1 wifi network

    ok i have a router right next to my lappy and it connects with the wifi fine.. my ping is usually fine and doesn't fluctuates .. as soon as my wifi starts scanning for other networks like say 20 seconds later then the ping fluctuates again .. how to stop this automatic scanning after it has...
  10. D

    Weird problem- Internet works only when i switches on a vpn

    I am facing a very weird problem for last 3-4 days, I was not able to access any of the site on any browser(tried 4 different browsers) but blue stack and steam were working fine. So today i installed hotspot shield and after switching it on everything is working fine -_- Still i cant use...
  11. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Computer HDD problem.

    Computer HDD problem[SOLVED] I have been using my computer for about 9-10 years now. Lately its giving me a lot of problems. Recently i had to purchase a CPU cooler as the CPU tends to reach 103 C !!! now its giving me some weird problems. I have 2 HDD's 1. Seagate 80gb(os) 2. Toshiba...
  12. T

    Bsnl throttling youtube

    Last few days YouTube was not working properly on my 512 kbps ul bsnl connection. Streams two seconds and then buffer. Then I got to program monitor and saw my data usage was only around 100-200kbps so I got investigating and saw that my download speed was fine getting around 60kBps( i.e...
  13. G

    [For Sale] Amplifier - Laney LX12

    * Product Name: Laney LX 12 amplifier * Expected Price: Rs. 800/- FREE - negotiable No shipping. Hand to hand only * Date of purchase: Don't remember, Sometime in 2006. * Reason for Sale: Not being used anymore, using guitar processor . * Warranty: No * Product Condition: used for less...
  14. J

    Peculiar problems.

    Okay I recently acquired an HD7850 from an RMA process. It was working fine. Now I bought a new fx8320 recently and now, whenever I start up my pc after it being off for some time, the display flashes on and off a few times(while in desktop or doing random stuff). Also, I see strange blue...
  15. sahil1033

    HDD working fine but still laptop won't boot!

    I have Lenovo E49 and it suddenly stopped working. It just won't boot, when I press the power button, screen is blank and the fan starts rotating at it's maximum speed. Took out RAM and reinserted, no help. Tested the HDD on desktop, it's working fine. What possibly may be the reason? Help...
  16. G

    Need an iPhone

    Hi, I need a iPhone to test website for cross browser compatibility. The only requirement of mine is to test websites in Safari. I will not touch the mobile for any other purpose. I will buy an old model for sure. I'm thinking of iPhone 4S. I'm open to buying an no warranty/used/scratches...
  17. P

    need gpu, ssd mouse and psu. help a brother out wont ya?

    hello. sorry in advance for the long post. ok so here are my specs: cpu : Intel i5 2500 3.30 Ghz mobo : asus p8p67 pro replaced with Asus p8z68 v pro gen3 ram : gskill ripjaws ddr3 1600 Mhz gpu : Zotac gtx 560 ti amp! X 2 psu : seasonic 750w hdd : seagate 1TB X 2 cabinet...
  18. Gaurav

    suggestion needed [planning to purchase samsung galaxy s4]

    Hi All, I am planning to purchase samsung galaxy s4. Just wanted to have some inputs/experience from guys over here before I make my decision final. To me everything appears fine in that phone but I wanted to know more about sound quality (in earphones).
  19. the great one

    iphone 4s problem

    I hav I phone 4s bought from spain it was wrking fine till now recently it has developed sound problem the ringtone works fine but no sound when I play music video or games..... I hav recently updated my ios anyone else having same problem any solutions , because the apple guys are...
  20. Randy_Marsh

    Need laptop immediately..Budget 45k

    Hi All, I am looking for a new laptop on immediate basis. Min. config which i am looking out for 1) Core i3,i5 4th generation (can go for 3rd gen if its worth it.) 2) 740m or better graphics. 3) Min 4 GB ram 4) 500GB or above harddisk would be fine for me. I am not sure with what...
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