1. beingGamer

    [Want to Buy] Nokia 5800 express music

    Hi, I want to buy a Nokia 5800 Express music. Reason for buying, got my 5800 stolen at bank & miss it :( condition should be good loudspeaker should be working fine should have stylus if anyone want to sell, PM me for how much.
  2. Superayush

    Positive Experience Bl-4c battery from They selling it at rs 232 +79(handling) and so got it for 311. The item got delivered in 4 days from placing order and battery packed and received fine,working fine Mrp on packet was 530 or so I guess...
  3. T

    Suggestion for new 27inch+ tv or monitor.

    Guys need a new monitor with the following features: 1. Minmum Resolution 1920x1080 2.Minimum screen size 27inch...30 or 32inch preffered 3. S-video or composite video input or component video input(must have one of these) 4. Hdmi input 5. Mhl support and usb port 6. Composite/s-video output...
  4. ZTR

    Should I be worried?

    So I recently did a SMART test of my primary HDD and this was the table: Should I be concerned and backup my data or its fine?
  5. D

    Nexus 7 Wii Issues?? anyone??

    Nexus 7 Wi-Fi Issues?? anyone?? Just got my NEXUS &... Yipee.... It is gorgeous.. but cant connect to my college wifi...?? Wifi is working fine on my laptop.. Is there something I need to do???
  6. gameranand

    Crackling Sound from Speakers

    Guys some ago my speakers and my Headphones were working fine and then when I was listening to a song then there were a lot of crackling, I mean that there would be a pause in the original song and there would be crack and then song will resume as usual, also the video is suffering from no...
  7. R

    New GPU display error Help ASAP

    Finally i got my 7950,just installed it,installed latest driver 13.12. Everything is fine but the display is small,i mean its 1080p but not covering my screen completely Help
  8. S

    No display after restart

    Hello everybody, Have got struck in a strange situation, have a Wipro laptop which works fine but on restarting or after shutting down and switching on again everything seems to be working i.e. fans are spinning, led indicators glowing hdd spinning etc. but no display. But if kept off for say...
  9. Kiss

    Dell IN2020M goes power off.

    HI Experts, I have a Dell IN2020M monitor purchased almost 3 years ago. I have been facing a strange problem off late. The problem is as follows: The monitor works fine when I boot my system, However after 30 mins or so (sometimes even before that or sometimes it takes hours for the issue...
  10. Cool Buddy

    Computer suddenly running very slow

    My computer was running fine till a few days back when suddenly I noticed that it was taking around 5 minutes to boot up. And even after booting completely into Windows 7, the computer comes to run very slow. Here are a few examples of how slow the computer is: 1. It takes around 7-8 seconds...
  11. R

    Is a CX500 fine for a Sapphire r9 280X

    I have a Corsair CX500v2, will this be fine to power a Sapphire R9 280X? ON SALE! - SAPPHIRE GRAPHICS CARD DUAL X R9 280X 3GB DDR5 OC - Rs.23,499 - WELCOME TO MDCOMPUTERS ::::::::::The Ultimate IT Solutions:::::::::: i used the CM PSU calculator, result-
  12. srkmish

    Windows stuck at welcome screen if External Hard drive is attached to PC :(

    I bought a My passport 1 TB Recently. Although the drive is perfectly fine, if i boot the computer with it attached to PC, windows is stuck at welcome screen. When i remove it , it boots perfectly fine and then i am able to reattach. Any solutions for this?
  13. S

    Modem not connecting to internet

    i have a tplink 8961 on an mtnl was working fine until now,when it is not connecting to the internet.after restarting it,it works for about 5 minutes,then the adsl and internet light goes out,along with the keeps tries to reconnect around every 5-10 minutes,but it...
  14. N

    issue with the 6950 or converter

    i am using visiontek 6950 1gb, crucial 2x2 4gb 1866mhz ram and xeon x3220 and a 550w iball marathon psu ....everything works fine but the resolution get me mad my lcd monitor support bga 1600x900 res but when i change it to 1600x900 everything become big and get outside the monitor . when i used...
  15. mohit9206

    Is this cheap gamepad worth buying ?

    Atek ATK Vibration Gamepad (for PC): Buy Online @ Rs.249/- | Its only 249rs.I know it will be low quality and all that but i don;t have money so will this be fine ? If not which is the cheapest gamepad that is decent ? Budget max 500rs.
  16. R

    Lenovo adapter compatibility

    Hi!i had Lenovo Y410 laptop with adapter of 65w ,19v 3.42 amp.Now my adapter got broken and i have bought a new adapter lenovo 65w 20v 3.25 is working fine with my laptop. As voltage is 1 volt higher than original, may it cause any serious issue to my laptop in future?
  17. rhitwick

    Idea to revamp Traffice fine structure in India

    First, accept that traffic rules are really hard to implement until they come with strict fine and/or punishment. We've a very good guide on what are to be called offenses and how much penalty should be taken from the offenders in India. In spite of then traffic rule breaking is a regular...
  18. Jaskanwar Singh

    When to drink water

    guys some say its fine to drink water during a meal, some say u should drink after 30min and not in between. what r ur opinions? :-D
  19. C

    Speaker blew off, is it safe to use PC ?

    Speakers blew off (due to voltage fluctuation or got shorted reason not clear). After that fuse of the spike buster( to which monitor,psu power cable, speaker were connected) also went kaput. When i got new fuse for the spike buster, it was working fine . So i turned my PC ON AND IT DIDNT START...
  20. tanmaymohan

    Exernal HDD buying guides

    I have a few questions I need to buy one External HDD for my precious digital life Please help me buying one 1. Should i go for 500GB , 1TB or 2TB (which one is the most popular category , i own a WD 320 caviar blue and it works fine for almost 3-4 years.) It fills up very fast...
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