1. Vyom

    GTA 3 hangs after loading a saved game in Win7

    I love GTA series. And I completed GTA 3 Liberty City on my Pen 4, running XP. Now I tried to run the same game on my cousin's Compaq Presario CQ61 which has the following config: Intel Dual Core T4400 - 2.2 GHz 2GB Ram, OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Game runs fine, until I try to load a saved...
  2. D

    Utorrent not working:Why

    I m using Docomo Net over wifi using E71 in my Laptop. Internet is working Fine but utorrent is not downloading any torrent despite showing sufficient seeds and peers.
  3. A

    New PC randomly starts up and crashes.

    Hello,a few days ago i bought a new pc, assembled based on the suggestions of various members of this forum, The config is AMD athlon 2 x4 635 (2.9ghz) MSI p45 motherboard. 2x2gb 1333mhz ddr3 kingston ram 500 gb seagate 7200rpm HDD. sapphire 1gb HD5750 lg dvd writer. Cooler master...
  4. Krow

    Comp not booting anymore

    Config: AMD Phenom II X4 940 Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H 2x2GB Kingston DDR2 800MHz 2x2GB OCZ DDR2 800MHz Corsair VX450W 1TB Seagate 7200.12 500GB Seagate 7200.12 CM Elite 330 TRUE 120 Rev C 2xDelta 120mm Creative 2.1 Speakers Samsung SyncMaster 793s 17" CRT I was away from home for...
  5. N

    usb pendrive not working

    i have brought a PNY pendrive an year ago and it was working good until yesterday , i dunno what happened but it is not working fine, i tried to format ,but it said ''drive is write protected''. what should i do data is not imortant to me..
  6. R2K

    how often do u guys format and reinstall your OS

    I used to format my pc and reinstall os every month :grin:.....but Now its 6 months since my last OS reinstallation....and everything seems to be going fine now....:grin: So how often do u guys reinstall the OS on ur pc.:-)
  7. S

    faulty PSU?

    Hello guys last month i got my new rig as suggested by forums members .. thank you guys :smile: config is as follows- Processor x2 250 Gigabyte 880gm-ud2h 2gb ddr2 1333mhz ram Psu-FSP SAGA 2 500W ELite 310 3 fans(coz its on 24/7) it was running fine for past 1 month but today i noticed an...
  8. K

    Regarding windows-7 OS installtion problem

    this is prasad from Mysore. i buied last month assembled system and and i am geting problem when i am installing windows 7 in my pc what is the problem i don't know exactly and after that trail i installed xp it is working fine but when i installing drivers of the mother board at audio...
  9. vishalg

    Display garbled!!!!!!

    i am facing a vierd problem on my PC as you can see in the screenshot how the display looks [/URL][/IMG] now this happens when i run the run the windows exp. index test or for that matter any games (the games load fine until the actual in game screens) when the system restarts this...
  10. I

    ati radeon 5450

    guys i have got ati radeon 5450 i m able to play all the uptill now smoothly even i played call of duty black oops, it worked perfectly fine. so why everyone says that this card is not for gaming and i need to updrade it?
  11. tango_cash

    problem with dlink DIR600 router.......

    hi me and my friend share a internet connection, we have a dlink DIR600 router. we do not use the wifi, we both have p.c's. we use lan. earlier it was working fine but in last few days when i switch on the router the power and internet light remains orange. and me and my friends p.c's...
  12. S

    Random Restart

    Problem: Random restarts Whenever I switch on my PC, it runs for a few minutes and then the monitor display just goes blank. After a few seconds, the machine restarts. Now it could be a problem of overheating, but i checked the system, cpu fan is working fine, and I have aan antec cabinet...
  13. anish_sha

    Windows 7 goes wild when running on battery

    I have a HP pavillion dv6-1215ee laptop, it came with Windows Vista Home premium , i have installed windows 7 Ultimate and also Ubuntu Linux, now the issue is the windows 7 works well and fine when running on A/C power , but when the A/c power is removed , sometimes it works fine for say 10-15...
  14. Anish

    BSOD restart

    Hi frnds, i am having a strange problem. I am having a lenovo sl400c notebook and it is working fine till last week. I have dual os win xp and win 7. Working with both os is fine. But when i shutdown from win xp, it doesnt shutdown but it reboots.... shutdown works fine in win 7. but in xp it...
  15. 0

    Bsnl modem problem

    I have a seimens c110 modem and a bsnl broadband connection. After a firmware upgrade from a site i am unable to connect to internet. All modem lights are fine. The link is also fine. Troubleshootin report says "default gateway ping failed" whats the prob? What to do?
  16. IronCruz

    Pc not starting!

    I was playing red alert 3 for about 45 min. The pc was running fine. I took a break. I shut down my pc, I came back after a hour when I pressed the power button pc doesnt start. No power lights in the system nor lights in mob. I checked ups, power cable. Its fine. Please help me. ----------...
  17. giprabu

    Wireless keyboard not working in BIOS..

    Logitech's MK250 works fine everywhere except for BIOS and Boot Menu.. It was working fine a couple of months back... could someone sort it out ??:sad:
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