1. liquidsnake

    No display during post or os boot

    Hi, My laptop fell from bus seat to the bus floor and since then there is no display during post or os boot on the default laptop screen. The display works fine on the secondary monitor. I can hear the post sound (asus post sound) each time. After post the display comes fine and works normally...
  2. A

    New Work station

    Laptop for work (urgent) hello everyone, 1) What is your budget? strictly 100k for a decent laptop and medium wacom tablet. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Netbook; 11" - 10” screen or less Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop...
  3. max_snyper

    System post failure, guys need help.

    Hi guys, My PC is failing at post, when I try to switch on the PC, the fans of the PC move for half a second and then nothing happens. Dismantled all the components and running just the core components ,still no luck. Tried the paper clip test on the psu works fine, all the cabinet fans and...
  4. O

    [Query]Tunngle and Alliance broadband compatibility??

    Dear All, I have a query reg Tunngle and Alliance broadband. Request you to please check the below post- Play with friend not possible - Tunngle Communit My userid there is onlytanmoy- same as here. Any one from Kolkata using Alliance broadband can confirm if it is fine at their end...
  5. GamerSlayer

    Gaming PC (GTX 560Ti, 8GB RAM, AMD FX - 6100, 1TB HDD)

    I've posted an ad on olx: Gaming PC (GTX 560Ti, 8GB RAM, AMD FX - 6100, 1TB HDD) - Delhi - Computers & Accessories - Dwarka Sector 18 Since it's time for college and I've selected a residential college, I guess I will now have to sell my good ol' PC. I'm selling off everything including...
  6. V

    4g phone

    I would like to purchase a Mobile phone with 3GB ram, 4G option under Rs. 10000 (preferably with < 5 inch screen)? Will not be using this for gaming or a lot of pictures (decent camera is fine). Any suggestions?
  7. D

    Motherboard replacement for HP Pavillion dv6 6140tx reg.

    Guys, I am using this HP Pavillion dv6 6140tx for 5 years working fine but now it is having a hardware issue. Windows hangs at logo screen when the Intel HD Graphics & AMD Radeon Display Drivers are enabled. But It works fine in safe mode or when the graphics driver are disabled...
  8. hareesh

    Weird SD card behaviour

    Hello, I have a rooted SE Neo V with Samsung 16 GB class 10 microSD card. Every thing was working fine until 2 days back, when my SD card refused to show up in my gallery. It says "SD card Unmounted or not present". I checked the settings-->storage, the mobile shows the SD details !!. Also all...
  9. N

    [Query] Display Problem in HP Pavilion DV6165TX

    Hi, I have a 4 years old HP DV6165TX - Core i7, 8GB RAM, 5770 graphics card. It was working fine till last week, when my daughters had a fight, the younger one through a punch at the elder one, who ducked and the punch landed on the keyboard. Now it's display shown strange colors, though laptop...
  10. ratul

    Need help with Weird frequent Disconnections

    I have a PPPoE connection from a local ISP (MAC binded from the ISP) over TP-Link W8968 which was working fine till now, but from a past few days there have been constant disruptions in the internet connectivity. PPPoE connection status shows Link Up, but internet becomes unreachable, shows...
  11. Chetan1991

    Need bluetooth keyboard and mouse for 1k or less

    Looking for a pair of Bluetooth (not proprietary) keyboard and mouse to use with windows devices as well as android ones. I'm fine with purchasing them separately as well. Don't want to spend more than 1k, cheaper the better.
  12. BakBob

    Cheap MX Red Keyboard

    Which is the cheapest MX Red (or equivalent) keyboard we can get in india? Anything around Rs.5000 is fine.
  13. C

    Yureka Plus: Removing Custom ROM

    Dear Friends, I have bought Yureka Plus for my wife and it arrived yesterday. Although everything is fine till now but i found this custom ROM is bit heavy for this phone. I have bought yureka in March for myself and till date it is very perfectly fine. It is having CM 11 and yureka Plus is...
  14. B

    Not able to buy anything

    Hi Guys, I am having a SBI debit card. It works fine when I use it at an ATM but when I enter the card details and cvv and click on the payment button, instead of taking me to the payment gateway page where it should ask the OTP I get this error I...
  15. D

    Gigabyte 970 G1 Gaming problem...

    Hello all, Today I brought a new system, i5 4460 16 GB Kinston Hyprex Gigabyte h97 Wifi motherboard 1TB WD HDD and Gigabyte 970 G1 Gaming The problem is I assembled the system and when I am not in stalling the card the system is working fine and I have installed Windows 7, but on installing...
  16. bloodlife

    Need suggestions with Samsung Series 5 SmartTV

    The TV is 1year 10 months old Samsung Series 5 (so called smart tv) 42inch and it was bought at 59K.. yeah! 59K in total. A week ago the problem started, After switching ON for 5-6 mins it works fine then the picture fades away..a dead blank screen but can hear the sound of video playing. :-...
  17. Alok

    Dongle slow speed in one while fast in other laptop

    About two weeks ago everything was fine. I have two laptops, and same 4g dongle giving 60Mbps in one laptop without any fluctuation while in second one its fluctuating a lot between 20 to 30 Mbps. Sometime ago it was fine but now its bad. Whats wrong I can't figure out. what I did so far...
  18. C

    Laptop - ubuntu - office use

    I need a Laptop with Ubuntu. I don't need a dedicated GPU, but it is OK to have a GPU, in that cause i perfer single GPU, not the one with dual, as Linux don't have good support for switching between 2 graphics cards. I prefer NVIDIA as AMD have crappy drivers for Linux. Just intel graphics...
  19. adityak469

    10/42 Inch TV Suggestion

    40/42 Inch TV Suggestion The title says it all. My sister needs it for watching cable TV and movies through pendrive.(1USB port is enough). Mostly it'll be used for cable TV. Budget is ~30k(she can extend if ultimately necessary) as it'll be a normal 1080p TV (I dont want her to waste money...
  20. C

    Multibay External harddisk Enclosure

    Need Multibay external harddisk enclosure. Diskless is also fine since i have 2 HDD's. Nas, Raid is not needed since only wanted it to connect to the PC with USB cable. if every disk is shown separately in system is also fine. Budget - 20000 INR Purpose Storing Movies & games. but need...
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