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  1. alter_ego

    I saw mass exodus to Tech Enclave

    While casual browsing and weighing my options, looks like Tech Enclave has become final resting point for digitians. But then isn't it something we were all expecting!!!???:|
  2. R

    Nvdia 6200 wmp hardware acceleration

    why for wmp hardware acceleration is disabled ? according 2 nvdia weby says it support pure video . wikipedia says '''NVIDIA's PureVideo is a hardware feature designed to offload video decoding processes and video post-processing from a computer's CPU hardware to NVIDIA's GPU hardware series...
  3. naveen_reloaded

    Final Fantasy XIII to Use Nearly 100 Percent of PS3 Power

    Final Fantasy XIII is a multi-platform title. In the West, it's being released on the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. In Japan, it's not. The game has only been announced for the PS3 in Japan. Last year, the Final Fantasy XIII demo was finished. "The game's development is...

    The verdict will be out on April 17th

    After the past two days final pleads from the prosecution and defence attorneys, The Pirate Bay case is now over, at least with regards to the court hearings. Both sides are sure that they will win, although looking at the prosecutions final plead, we're not so convinced that they've managed to...
  5. mannuforall

    Ucweb 6.3 Final Released

    Hi, Ucweb 6.3 Final version released. English translated and It based on English server and no Chinese adds. browsing speed is very fast as ever. Completely new style and look. New enhanced interface black temptation and a pink theme. Fast downloading speed. Ucweb 6.3 final download and more...
  6. I

    Help needed in buying new laptop

    Guys, i am a big fan of digit and I have always found your suggestions in magazine usefull.So I just needed your final advice before I purchase a laptop. I am a college student from Lucknow, India and I will do a lot of work in Visual Studio and ofcourse will play some game ;).My choice is high...
  7. soumya

    Windows 7 performance whoops Vista and XP

    The latest Windows 7 6965 build has been tested by ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, and his results show that Microsoft’s promise of a vastly improved Windows experience in Windows 7 is coming true – despite 6956 not even yet at official “beta” status. As the clock ticks ever closer to the...
  8. O

    Xperia Recalled?

    There seems to be some 'firmware' issues and SE on the verge of recalling 'Xperia' in toto. Final result is expected in few days? source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=452788
  9. M

    Watch my First Ever Stage Dance Peformance

    Well I performed a dance in the fresher's night in Engg. college. Wanna share with you all. Though, right now I am in final year. Hope you like the Dance. ;) Youtube: http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=0quU66xTI4w Metacafe: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1356886/mrinmay_dance/ Please...
  10. T

    Ubuntu 8.10 final released

    Ubuntu 8.10 final version now available for download. http://www.ubuntu.com/
  11. rohan_mhtr

    Apple ipod touch 8gb 1st generation

    I want to sell my 8 gb i pod touch since i got a new 2nd generation touch from a friend cheaply . The touch is about 7 months old , i have the bill but i had purchased it from UAE , so i dont know if any warranty is available . There are few minor scratches on the back which are only visible if...
  12. visor619

    Processor Vs Graphics card

    Hi Guys!! have been bothering u all a lot... n thanks for all the suggestions u gave... the final question... n i need to decide tonight only... everything is vry clear n in the final list of notebooks, i have to make a sacrifice... first, i can go with a HP 1.83 ghz processor along with 3gb...
  13. A

    final year project idea

    As the title suggest plz suggest any final year project ideas. (Degree comp.) ASAP
  14. A

    Opera 9.51 Build 10081 Final

    Opera v 9.51 final has been released: Download from here:http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Browsers/Opera-for-Windows-without-Java.shtml
  15. P

    Final year project idea

    hi friends , i am doing my final year computer science and engineering and i want to do my academic project can somebody suggest me some idea and best language to do the project.
  16. A

    Opera 9.5 final and Firefox 3 RC3 out now

    Opera has released the final version of its browser, version 9.5 go to www.opera.com and download or go here:http://www.filehippo.com/download_opera/ Change log:http://www.filehippo.com/download_opera/changelog/ Also, Firefox 3 Release Candidate 3 is out. Download...
  17. neeru_igi

    final candidate for 15k rig

    hey its me again http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?p=843903 i've narrowed out the competition to this final list of candidates:- e2180 3200 gigabyte g31 2850 2gb (800mhz) x1 2100 250 gb seagate sata 2350 nvidia 8600(512mb)...
  18. chicha

    calling all final year students.

    ok we have seen many "calling" threads so here is one for the final year students. share you thoughts of what you are going to do after graduating etc.... let me start i am final(6th SEM) BCA student Bangalore university and i got a job in a small company as a jr network administrator. i will...
  19. Kiran.dks

    Windows XP SP3 Final Dilemma

    Did any body download and install Windows XP SP3 Final? Few days back it was available in vnunet.com and some other popular websites. I immediately downloaded it from vnunet.com and installed it. But suddenly the download page is deleted now! My Computer says Windows SP3 is installed...
  20. T

    Where Can I Get Final Fantasy For Pc?

    HI Can anyone tell me if there is a recent final fantasy game available for PC and where I can buy it in Bangalore?
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