1. S

    Best MS Colleges

    Hi Buddies, I am confused, My Brother is willing to Learn MS in abroad. He is in Pre final year.Which is the Best University in Australia? Can anyone suggest?
  2. Alok

    FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster

    :hyper: omg this is happening :hyper: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Officially Announced For The PC – Details, Release Date & PC Requirements And it appears we were right as Square Enix has just surprised everyone. A few days ago, we claimed that Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster...
  3. I

    Multi Grooming Kit

    Hello everyone. :wave: I am very keen on purchasing an appropriate multi grooming kit, which will serve the purpose of hair removal/trim; primarily on the chest, from the armpits and importantly, below the hip (if you catch my drift!). :blush: :sealed: I have looked at the Philips QG3387/15...
  4. Cyberghost

    Lightning returns™: Final fantasy® xiii

    Lightning Returns is the concluding chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII saga and series heroine Lightning's final battle. The grand finale of the trilogy brings a world reborn as well as free character customization and stunning action based battles. The world is sinking into a sea of chaos...
  5. Cyberghost

    Final fantasy® xiii

    DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO FACE YOUR DESTINY? As a deepening crisis threatens to plunge the floating world of Cocoon into chaos, a band of unsuspecting strangers find themselves branded enemies of the state. With the panicking population baying for their blood, and the military all too happy...
  6. T

    Android PC suite for Linux as final year project

    Hello digitians, This is my last semester of B.Tech degree and although its not final but I've been thinking of building a Android PC suite for Linux as my final year project. This I've figured that it must use adb or fastboot to communicate to android. The UI will be build using pyqt. My...
  7. RBX

    Final Telephonic Interview

    I applied at a company for a job with development profile (trainee). They had written quantitative aptitude/reasoning test, then technical test. Then I has technical interview with two guys, and later had a little chat with manager who told me about the work the company does, he also told me...
  8. A

    My final year seminar on Bitcoins

    * Bitcoins is a very promising new concept in the currency and payment system. My engineering final year seminar was based on this. Presently the information about bitcoins is limited on the web. So it was little...
  9. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] MCA Final Year Project .NET Platform | Need Ideas/Suggestions

    Ola i need help with Ideas and suggestions for submitting a project build in .NET for MCA Final Year. it's for a FRIEND :D so just need some ideas on what to build and everything. Thanks in advance. :lol:
  10. gagan_kumar

    need suggestion regarding final fantasy

    hi guys summer vacations are up buying new hd 7950 so plz suggest me a good game with good graphics like final fantasy ..... some questions regarding final fantasy i wanted to ask: is it available in pc? from which game should i start? do i need to know the whole story? i have watched...
  11. C

    Final Fantasy 8 ????????

    Well Does anybody knows from where I can download Final Fantasy VIII for PC FREE?????? It should be the one which you've tested personally...
  12. J

    Suggestions for long battery backup laptop/notebook

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs. 30000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: Asus, Acer, HP, Dell b. Dislike: HCL 4) What are the primary...
  13. crazylamhe

    Linux From Scratch As A Final Year Project

    Hi guyz, I was wondering if I would choose LFS to be my final year project. I am utterly confused, as in some forums, I have read that LFS is too dumb to get counted as a final year project. If that's so, please suggest me some ideas that seem challenging enough. I am open to all ideas and want...
  14. N

    Final year

    Hey guys this is nitin kamboj . Iam an final year student of information technology from ptu. Guys i need your valuable suggestions about what should i do in my industrial tranning. Which language should i go for. Java or .net or any other suggestions than networking. Please guys help me.
  15. funskar

    India Crushed Australia in U19 Cricket World Cup 2012 Final

    Unmukt chand - 111 not out Smit patel - 62 not out Helped india to chased down 226 in 47.4 overs.. Before this australia never lost a U19 wc final .. India won U19 world cup 2012
  16. IronCruz

    Need help regarding final year project

    i am in final year computer engg. and i have upcoming final year project to make and i have no idea what i can make it on. Please help me with some of your ideas and the project you did work on. Please give me a idea like what sort of projects can be done.
  17. vamsi_krishna

    Final Fantasy VII coming soon to PC

    The PS1 classic JRPG, Final Fantasy VII is making its way the pc.. soon. This game has been in the rumors for a while now. It all started when SquareEnix registered a website named finalfantasyviipc. Now, its official. Website is live. There are even minimum system requirements out and couple...
  18. S

    Need a Tablet @30K

    Heyy Techies. I need a Tablet on my coming birthday and it is final now,a big "NO" to cheap tablets! And its also final that i will continue using my Galaxy Y!So instead of upgrading my cell,i will buy a Tablet. Now,the tablet i want is should have a good camera(lens quality matters a lot to...
  19. S

    What after BE (IT) for batch 2012 ?

    Thanks Everyone for your valuable suggestion ! Its better to go post gradation..........! I developed Android Based Project for final year learned android as basic , will first try to find Small Scale Companies ,which give me platform to perform !
  20. Aj12

    [Query] Help With amazon Shipment

    Is there someone who has purchased Cases ,Cooling Kits etc or other such components from My doubt is have you been charged extra on arrival of your shipment by customs or is the final amount that you paid before confirming the order on their website the only transaction that you have...
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