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  1. @

    Institutes for BE Final Year Projects - BLR, HYD

    I am in final year of my CSE & I need institutes which guide us for final year projects. If you know any good institutes please let me know their Names or website link or phone no. Cities - Banglore or Hyderabad Thanks in advance :D
  2. dashang

    guys need help for final year project

    Guys i m in final year of degree in IT. I have to develop project and i am looking for full Software based project no hardware . I have to submit atleast 3 topics name for project. Guys please help and share some ideas and project
  3. S

    Project topic

    Pls give some innovative project topic for mtech(it) final yr.
  4. dashang

    need help for final year project

    guys anyone has final year project or any ideas . i m in final year of Degree in Information Technology field
  5. paroh

    Fedora 15 Final available for download

    Fedora 15 Final available for download http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora-options
  6. S

    Final Check - High End Gaming Rig!! Please Advice

    Hey All, As most of ya know, I had been scouting for top of the line products since last month and finally arranged everything and wanted to share the list here before I give my final word tomorrow. So here it goes - 1) Processor - INTEL Core i7 2600k 2) CPU Water Cooler - Corsair...
  7. dashang

    need help for final year project

    Guys i m third year IT degree student , i am looking for good topic for my final year project . i am looking for something good , like my friend made 3d Compiler in C. It created 3d objects . Please give your valuable suggestion , just reply if any thing is there in ur mind .
  8. N

    My Final Config - Need final thoughts

    Have purchased 1. HDD Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200.12 SATA 3Gbs 1800 2. PSU: Corsair VX550W Rock Solid Performance 4850 3. Cabinet: Coolermaster RC-430-KWN1 Chassis : 2750 4. DVD ROM: Sony DRU-880S-ZR Internal DVD Writer: 1050 Need to purchase Intel DH61WW - 3700 Intel Core i5 Sandy...
  9. leo61611616

    Firefox 4 Final Available Now

    The final version of Firefox 4 is officially releasing tomorrow, however it is now available for download at the Mozilla FTP server for all supported operating systems and languages. Download [Direct-link]
  10. S

    Diploma + CCNA + CCNP + More ??

    Hi I am in my final year diploma and in final year i will get around 76% agg. But for final year, atlteast 85% are min to get god admission in college or we need to pay like 5+ lac just for donation :shock: So, what if i do some other choice instead of degree. Diploma + CCNA + CCNP +...
  11. B

    Audio failure on a few games - very strange

    I am having a strange problem when playing a few games - when the game is running, sound randomly disappears completely. This is system wide ie no sound anywhere after that. Only a system restart fixes this. LoTR online is the one suffering from this the most. I thought my 1 year old drivers...
  12. ico

    the Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" thread

    Post all your news and conduct all your discussion here. :) Here is the screenshot of the RC running on my laptop: Note: The thread will be moved to the Open Source section after the Final is released.
  13. escape7

    This Digitian needs your help :{

    Hey guys, I'm in a jam, this procastination thing just about screwed up everything. I am doing my Masters from scotland and am due to submit my research project on the 25th of August, today is 22nd night. :/ I have been slogging for the past 2-3 days and am at the final stages. I desperately...
  14. IronCruz

    Chak dhoom dhoom?

    Which is the song that PIYUSH danced in the chak dhoom dhoom final 2010?
  15. G

    Sony HDR-CX110 AVCHD video files to Final Cut Express

    I have a Sony HDR-CX110 camcorder and it produced the video file of .mts.When i tried to edit these video file with Final Cut Express, i noticed that .mts files can not be recognised by Final Cut Express.I googled a lot and got that FCE can not support AVCHD video files. But i am not clear what...
  16. izzikio_rage

    Cost of getting a website designed??

    Hey everyone....can someone please tell me what is the price of getting a website designed ? I need to get a website built for my college techfest and everything from the registration of the domain to the final designing has to be done. Any ideas how much this will cost?
  17. P

    What after BE (ECE) & Final year Projects ?

    Hello all, Can anyone please suggest career options after BE (ECE) ? There are so many fields like Digital Signal Processing, VLSI Design, Embedded Systems etc. Please share your views on selection after completing BE ECE. What kind of skills companies like Intel, AMD requires...
  18. Sathish

    Palit 9600 GT 512MB GDDR3 one month old >4.5k

    i have bought this card in April 3rd week... since my cousin has presented me a GTS series card, i am now planned to sell it.. My final price is 4.5. i will send it through courier( with original bill) im in chennai so first preference goes to chennai buyers. interested guys...
  19. static_x

    80GB x2 IDE HDD for sale

    Hi, I've 2 Seagate 80gb HDDs (IDE) for sale. Both the disks are working absolutely fine with no bad sectors etc. Bought in 2005. The final price would be Rs.1500/= If anyone intersted please PM me.
  20. vamsi_krishna

    Final Fantasy XIV confirmed for PS3, PC....

    Yaaay.... It's true. Final Fantasy XIV has been confirmed to be released on PS3 and PC in Yesterday's E3 conference... Source
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