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  1. mikael_schiffer

    Qustions regarding the One Plus 3T camera

    I have seen some websites where the reviewer/journalist says the selfie camera has gone worse. The 16mpx front cam is extremely noisy and blurry compared to the old 8mpx of One Plus 3 And then there is the gsmarena.com review of One Plus 3T. Everyone in the comment section including me felt...
  2. Anorion

    Earthquake - Tremors felt across India - Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai

    Just turn on news, there is nothing to link to atm. Bay of Bengal seems to be epicenter, tremors felt in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai. Initial reports say it was a 5.8
  3. Renny

    Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs

    This is a discussion thread for Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs So, anyone here played the game? Thoughts? Personally I felt it wasn't as scary as The Dark Descent.
  4. Nighthawk12

    Fps drops HD 7750

    I've recently bought HD 7750 1gb ddr5. I'm suffering fps drops every now and then in every game please I need help.. I've played Crysis 2, Fifa 12 and Sandreas uptill now and I am getting fps drops every 5 secs.. On my 9400gt I've never felt this..
  5. S

    Android for 22k

    Guys i am looking for my first android with a max budget of 22k. Last month i had created a thread and had finalized on Samsung Galaxy R. Later i went to Croma twice to have a feel of the device before placing an order on Flipkart. Somehow i was not very happy with the device. To start with it...
  6. Krow

    Today I understood why people buy headphones...

    ...and I only listened to the Audio Technica M20 for F.I.V.E. minutes. My Brainwavz M1 just cannot, I repeat, can not give me the same: Sound quality Impact Depth Width Premium feel (coiled, thick cable) Polished looks Spongy comfort Words have failed me. I cannot enclose my...
  7. Vyom

    Earthquake in Delhi-NCR

    An earthquake of about scale 5.7 was felt at around 5 pm, in Delhi and NCR. Source is being said, to be India and Nepal border. Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 at India-Nepal border, tremors felt in Delhi Did you felt it?
  8. cute.bandar

    Experienced 3d tv

    yesterday at the mall , I got to see Sony's 3d tv . thought I'll share my experience. It was an aquarium video. in one scene in which a big shark was going across the screen, I felt like raising my hand to touch it , it felt really real. I loved it! Overall The picture quality was awesome ...
  9. visor619

    N81, the Truth...(the Nokia VS SE battle)

    Hey everyone!!! Most of u must b familiar wid my previous thread bout the n81.. if nt,check this http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=114328 I'l continue from where i hd left in the previous thread. So,after considering everyone's opinions, i set out to see for myself the truth...
  10. W

    Promote my business

    Hello, I m an owner of a small business and like to make my presence felt in internet. Can somebody suggest how to go about? Thanks in advance.
  11. Ethan_Hunt

    Best Game of The Year [2008] [PC] *Bring your own popcorn*

    So we needed a fresh new start on this one. Another year is about to fade out & we have been through the good (& bad) times of games released for this year. We have a truck load of contenders for this title but seeing that the forum restricts me to only 10 games to stay in the poll, I guess I'll...
  12. The Conqueror

    A Billion Hands

    We have heard and seen enough. Too many innocent lives have been lost, too much innocent blood has been spilt, too many children orphaned. The echoes of screams and the muffled explosions still ring in our ears and make us look behind our shoulders for reassurance. How many more deaths...
  13. prasad_den

    NASA and crysis....!! Is it possible..??

    It seems that NASA might finally accomplish what many now consider as near impossible -- run CRYSIS game at maximum settings. :D :D So if someone felt bad that their rig doesn't play Crysis, cheer up..! Even NASA is having similar problems......!! ;)
  14. S

    Man hypnotises himself before op

  15. Rockstar11

    Britain rocked by earthquake

    From correspondents in London February 27, 2008 01:30pm A MODERATE earthquake was felt across England early today, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The 4.7-magnitude quake was centred at Kingston upon Hull, 205km north of London, according to the US Geological...
  16. enticer86

    Talk for Free (Not spam)

    Hi friends, yeah this is not spam, and am not referring anything. Just felt like sharing this with you: https://www.gizmocall.com/
  17. Chetan1991

    Sorry for"Try it out newbees!!"

    Sorry for the thread "try it out newbees"friends, as I am also a newbee myself.Please tell me how I can embed a picture in my post.I am really sorry for the annoyance you felt and will try not to repeat this again.:(
  18. Vivek788

    Deep Sea

    This is about the game given in december 2006.I felt is made for linux is it? How to play it in windows?
  19. F

    Do u believe in Gods sipping milk??

    Hey ppl, i just felt that somethings have gone out of control !! God's idols sipping milk???Why do people not look at all these things at a scientific angle? Hey, hey, before u get any ideas of me being anti-religious, let me tell u that i totally believe in god, but not in such things.... What...
  20. C

    Which Game Do You Think Is Strategically The Best!!!!!!!!!

    I have played lots of FPS and Strategy oriented games to me the best game i felt was Rainbow Six 3:RavenShield Please share your view with me. :D
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