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Do u believe in Gods sipping milk??

Do u believe that idols of God can actually 'drink' milk?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 2.6%
  • No

    Votes: 36 94.7%
  • I don't know what to believe in.....

    Votes: 1 2.6%

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Broken In
Hey ppl, i just felt that somethings have gone out of control !! God's idols sipping milk???Why do people not look at all these things at a scientific angle? Hey, hey, before u get any ideas of me being anti-religious, let me tell u that i totally believe in god, but not in such things.... What do u think ??


In Shamful Mystery
I have heard this explanation on the basis of capillary action. I'm curious as to how come the capillaries do not fill up totally while so much milk is being fed into the statues. P.S. I am genuinely curious; Not being sarcastic.


Cmon ppl do we have some thing new to discuss Wats the big idea discussing something on which all forumers will have unanimous opinion


Right off the assembly line
If i need to beleive that God can actually 'drink' milk, then i need to beleive in god first!!!


Another Brick in the Wall
I've a thought. It's neither scientific, spiritual nor logical.

If God really cares about us, why should he/she 'drink' milk? There are so many people who really do not have money to feed themselves. The people who'll buy milk will continue to do so, hence if they 'feed' milk to God, then they'll possibly increase their quantity they buy. Now, it's the Cow or Buffalo is the loser. It's milk is meant for it's calf's maybe we can have it's surplus. Again why God encourage people to be deceived? Why can't he/she not 'drink' and hence save all the trouble?

Guys, what do you think? :D


Wise Old Owl
Both @DrGrudge & @It_waaznt_me , you guys have made a good point. Actually,
it's something like osmosis process. That makes us believe that the idol is drinking


Idols don't drink milk.

People who think they do should drink some milk though. Yeah, a glassful, twice a day. Maybe it will then tighten some loose screws.


The Devil
It isn't capillary action, its due to surface tension. If you don't believ it then try to feed milk to any metallic or ceramic or any solid material and see what happens. Even my little ceramic dog, the laughing buddha and my chair drinks milk.


Distinguished Member
sea water turning sweet, Gods sipping milk (again) and the latest 'perfumed water dripping from the statue of Mother Mary at velli, kerala" !!! :)


In the zone
PEOPLE out there are REALLY Bored of their Life. ...BELIEVE Me
& More than so..........they Need 2 crop up with some fantastic tales of impossibility 2 fillup the drudge in their life!!!!!!
The Phenemon is Self-explainable......Fantasies r as always corrupt!
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