1. ravi_9793

    Fast:: Please suggest me a gaming site domain name

    Hi all........ I am planing to start a free flash games site. Please suggest me a domain name...but must be a .com I can use - between the words. Please suggest me fast :)
  2. Angad singh


    ok guys can u tell me is there anyway that sum 3rd person can record ur tok on the phone using his phone or thru internet... plzz fast
  3. B

    mp3 bitrate converter

    mp3 bitrate converter & rm to mp3 converter any good and fast mp3 bitrate converter available (prefrebaly free) thanx P.S. any fast real media to mp3 converter also required
  4. rahul964


    DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL What is This its comes when I am Using Ad-Aware 1.6 Pro.. Its BSOD... How to Solve It.. Its Urgent..Reply Fast
  5. Raaabo

    Fast Track 2.0?

    Hey Everyone, We're just looking for some feedback about Fast Track, so apart from taking part in the poll, please leave comments as well. Raaabo
  6. J

    suggest the mobile

    hey i want to buy the phone that has following fns. large screen candy bar fast detect as a pen drive <=12k m going to plan E51 or ny motorola phone in bar
  7. Abhishek Dwivedi

    CSI exam...what to prepare?

    Hi going to give a CSI(computer socity of india) exam on C++ programing...v are 3 students frm school as a team...can ne one help me out on what topics 2 cover and what kinda stuff are asked...plz help me ....FAST...thx in advance...
  8. codename_romeo

    Suggest me a phone within 5K

    Suggest me a phone within 5K........presently using a k510i.......... please make it fast
  9. ajaybc

    Video converting software with support for many formats

    Any one please tell me any good software that can convert videos. I know there are millions of them out there but I want the best with support for most formats like mpeg,avi,divx,xvid etc. Please reply fast
  10. saurabh.sauron

    Strange FIFA 07 Problem

    I am facing a strange problem in FIFA 07. The game starts fine, but it runs in fast forward. you cant control the players. It's like watching a Football game in fast forward. I tried reducing the speed of the game but it didnt help. The specs of the system are: Intel Pentium M 1.73 GHz 512...
  11. x3060

    Request: Mandriva 2008 The One

    hi all, i need a fast download site from where i can download mandriva 2008 (the one) edition this is the one that i am using now , i am only getting a speed of 105 KB/sec, any fast link is highly appreciated...:) ----------------------------------- alright , am downloading...
  12. chandru_skc

    How to take prints of the fast track pdf

    im not able to take prints of the fast track pdf provided with digit DVD... is it copyrighted...??? is it possible...
  13. jain_pranav

    Netgear Fast Ethernet Switch..fs608

    Hii. I wanna sell neatgear's fast ethernet switch as i'm shifting 2 wi-fi ITz in perfect condition & working good.. I bought it on 10/08/07 The cost is very cheap JUST Rs.1100 INCLUDING SHIPPING CHARGES If any1 me or meet me at yahoo
  14. H

    Recommend me a very FAST pen drive

    Ok i am looking for a fast pendrive >1gb, currently i have a ZION 1gb model 20months old without any problems. But my problem lies here -- none of the pendrive of my colleagues are fast enough. So here are the details. Write speed of some drives which I got in hand to test. my ZION - 13MBPS...
  15. Y

    Where get i get Digit's Fast Track on Registry?

    Please tell me where can i get the Fast track on Windows Registry, I lost mine and i dont know where to get it. And anyone knows where can i get more information about registry or tweeking?
  16. S

    is site hosted in india(server) fast while browsed with in india

    well , we have felt that the local isp generally develop some kind of local kind of networking with in them..and when sites are access may be using local internet...sites open faster.... even incase of downloads local files are downloaded fast.... so how is this managed.... are those...
  17. Q

    Help me to copy cd & Dvd to Hdd

    Hello Guys, Help me to copy cd to Hdd, always it gets failed and says this "cannot copy file name: Invalid MS-DOS function" Plz Guys help me fast i have to return Cd by tomorrow... Regards, Qadir
  18. B

    Is om shanti om DVD Out?

    Is it out on south india? in Kerala? bcz hindi movie dvds are realasing fast here.............
  19. azzu

    Help me :(

    i just installed Fedora but to my bad luck i installed it on a wrong drive which had up to 8 gb of DATA how do i recover it i had formatted it in linux installation help me guy's fast
  20. T

    Which is the best book on ASP.NET 2.0??? Please reply fast!!!!!
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