1. ::cyborg::

    <<<< Help Plz Help >>>

    hi guys ::cyborg:: really stuck plz help my university is asking for a project in any language for the following 1)personal assistant 2)my accountant plz help if any of you have them plz give it to me thanks my email id is thanks plz make...
  2. gowtham

    Income from the net!

    hi everyone! this is gowtham from Andhra. I got a lot of time on my hands to kill these days, so i am thinking about using this to make some fast money Can anyone enlighten me on the various opporttuinites on the net to earn money? i can spend 1-2hrs daily. I am good enough at c and C++, but i...
  3. piet

    Always Hide

    Found a great proxy very fast and great proxy
  4. arunks

    Which Mp3 and video player i should buy.. Plz telll fast

    I want to purchase a video cum mp3 player having 2GB-4GB capacity.. please suggest which one should i buy... Wheather Apple idod will be good or any other creative etc. Caan i trust any non-brand player..if yeas then which one... MY budget is Rs.2500-3500 .... Plz tell me fast as i want to...
  5. praka123

    Ramazan-fasting for Muslims all over the world So,Muslims must fast whole day.I wonder how they work without any food even water for their daily jobs. :-| I personally does feel this when my muslim friends observe this strictly.especially sawm. After 6.30 PM time for food,Iftar parties and...
  6. bajaj151

    Buying a TV Tuner !!!!

    I am planning to purchase a descent tv tuner card for my desktop... It should be Vista Compatible....n..comes under 2500 /- plz help me I am going to nehru place on coming monday....before that I want to know ......
  7. T

    SuperMan comes to GTA - San Andreas.

    Hi Guys. Theres a cool superman mod for GTA SA, tried it , too cool. "You can play as Clark Kent (default) Classic Superman or Superman Returns. 2 New Loading Screens. New Super-Tags! Based off the Super CJ script, You can fly, run extremely fast, swim extremely fast, have super...
  8. nregmie

    Suggest a mobile under 10k

    I need a cellphone within 10k. I dont care about camera, mp3, functions etc. It should be good looking,slim, fast and good screen preferably 240 x 320 pixels.Please help.
  9. M

    creative zen vision m

    hi i just wanted to ask that are there any updates or games for craetive zen m pls reply fast
  10. djmykey

    Ava Find - Search files lightening fast.

    I recently discovered this software from my friend. Its a nifty little tool called Ava Find. Its a small utility under 2 MB. Its a paid software so I used it for a short while. The software installs pretty fast and indexed all of my 323 GB in 20 mins flat. Now thats speed. And it didn't...
  11. A

    unlocked phone?

    hi guys is it safe to buy an unlocked phone from london? i mean is it perfectly usable in india? i'm getting n73 me thats y.. please reply fast
  12. chicha

    4GB transcend V30

    i want to buy a 4GB pen drive and my friend has a V30 which is very nice and quite fast. i want a better one :D, it should also be fast. price can be arround RS 2000
  13. A

    k790i or 5700?

    hi guys i want buy a phone.. i'm totally confused.. i have two phones in my mind. k790i and 5700. i want looks, and i want fast internet, i take photos too, i use music very often cause i ve an ipod video. i want my phone to be very fast. so could anyone please suggest me which one to...
  14. arunks

    Suggest me a digital camera fast ... i want to purchase it in next 2 help

    Which one is better Sony cybershot w35, sony cybershot S650 or canon powershot A550????????????????? Plz tell me fast ...i wanna purchase it in next 2 hours...
  15. azzu

    DVD player

    gonna buy DVD player in 30 mins which one to go..n which one not to go... fast me budget-4000+
  16. ash2win

    Can't update directX9.0b to directX9.0c

    I brought a new system with configration- Intel C2D 4300,1GB DDR2(667)RAM,G965 MB(GA3000),seagate 160GB,WinXP i can't play any new shows i want directX9.0c.When i checked it only has 9.0b.then i try updating it many times,setup completes very fast but DirectX diagnostic tool shows...
  17. Tech$oft

    Suggest for a new pc

    I want to a new pc and my budget is abt 50k I want for a good gaming experience and a fast processor Suggest The configuration
  18. Choto Cheeta

    Test your Reflex timeing !!!

    Hello, Just saw this is another forum, thought shareing here too, cant remember whether it was posted or not... Post your results... as for me, Hey I am no Rabbit :P its just the Mouse which is not...
  19. saipradeepg

    Sparingly used Creative 5GB Mp3 Player for sale!

    Product Name: Creative MuVo 2 FM Color is Green! Accessories: ;) Creative Muvo 2 Remote Creative ear phones Charger 1 Creative Drivers/Software CD Belt pouch for Player {Original accessory from Creative} Manual Included Description::lol: The Creative MuVo² FM is a high capacity...
  20. gsoul2soul

    PC is FAST... why?

    Yes.. that's the question ? Sometimes my PC just acts so weird... i mean it is way to fast as in "sensitive to my mouse clicks and all" Like say is click on IE icon... and 2 or 3 opens (as if i clicked it more than twice) windows closed and minimized... while I'm clicking around... is...
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