1. Revolution

    Need Suggesion for Old Components

    Hi guys, Some one gave me 5 year old Intel Dual Core CPU+G41 Mobo+2GB DDR2 RAM. Now I'm thinking to make this as HTPC or may be for Downloading & Browsing machine. I already have an old iBall case(rust on some parts & got no fan,only a place for 120mm fan at rear) and a Zebronic PSU. When I...
  2. quad_core

    My Cooler Master Storm STRYKER (Unboxing and mini review)

    Hi Guys. Just bought the cooler master Storm STRYKER Full ATX chassis for Rs 12.5K , from local market . This is my mini review of the beast. Its not a big case. Its HUUGE . I couldnt lift the case after all the parts went in ! Its that heavy . I had considered TROOPER initially, but I...
  3. A

    Need help with a partially dead fan on Toshiba L650

    I have a Toshiba L650 that is about 15-16 month old (The point being the expired warranty). It is running Ubuntu 12.04 x64. Basically I use to develop PHP and android application on it. It was all fine about 3-4 weeks ago when all of the sudden the cooling fan went off. I thought it might be...
  4. R

    sapphire 6850 fan problem

    friends as soon as i press the power button my gpu's fan starts rotating at 100 %....and its not coming down ...i even tried Sapphire trixx to bring down the fan speed but no success........and sometimes card is not detected but still its fan is ON @ 100%.........i have tried system...
  5. Cool Buddy

    Noisy Processor fan

    For the last few days, my processor fan has become very noisy. I have: Phenom II X4 840 processor running at stock speed (3.2 Ghz) with stock cooler Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P motherboard 4GB DDR3 RAM (single module) MSI Radeon HD 5670 2 HDDs (500GB WD Green and 1TB Seagate) Corsair CX400 PSU...
  6. D

    Need help connecting a cabinet fan.

    Hello everyone, Firstly sorry if I am reposting but because everyone has different motherboards I am forced to do so. Ok, now my PC specs are as follows... CPU Q8300 Coolermaster 600w PSU 4GB DDR2 RAM Motherboard INTEL DG41RQI My CPU temperature is 80C on normal usage which I guess is...
  7. bubusam13

    having strange problem. Is my CPU failed ?

    Hi, my PC doesnot boot. It starts but no display no beep. Either hard disk LED glows or Power LED. CPU fan runs. I thaught it to me SMPS as I am having cheap PSU. So bought a Corsair 450w. (Athlon II x2 245) Connected new PSU. Now no LED glows. CPU fan rotates and instantly stops. Thaught it...
  8. bajaj151

    Why Screen flickers ?

    Monitor : Benq E2200HD (1920*1080, 60mhz) Cable : HDMI on Sapphire 7850 OC Problem : When I switch on or off any electrical equipment like fan, tube light etc...Screen flicker - Graphic driver is upto date
  9. mayoorite

    PSU Fan not working

    HI ! I have a old pc whose PSU fan is not working properly.It is running very slow and many a times it get stopped. Please help me what should i do?
  10. R

    Pc not booting

    Few days back i noticed my pc was shutting down frequently. On restarting it manually there was a beep sound. So i checked the temp and found it to be 100c. I applied some thin film of thermal pase. Now the processor fan doesn't fit into the slots( this is not my 1st time). Also the PC...
  11. C

    PC does not swith on. Never goes to BIOS. Restarts itself in 3 seconds gap in a loop.

    PC restarts in loop. Never goes to BIOS. Restarts itself in 2 seconds in a loop. Hi friends, My PC was working absolutely fine. I have just found that the time was not set properly so I set the time in CMOS and then restarted PC. It never booted since then. It just went to a loop. It switch...
  12. T

    [For Sale] 3yr old Desktop- Quad core q9650 - 4gb Ram - DG45id mobo - 9600gt- vx450 psu - cabinet+tvtuner

    Hi guys, Up for sale is my desktop and its parts. Proccy : Intel core 2 quad Q9650 3.0ghz 12mb l2 cache - Never overclocked - with box + manual + heat sink fan = Rs 7000/- Mobo : Intel DG45id with IEEE-1394a and Esata inputs. with all cords, cds and manuals box = Rs 2000/- Ram : Transcend...
  13. S

    Cooler master Elite 371 vs Coller master Elite 311

    Cooler master Elite 371 vs Cooler master Elite 311 i m very much confused with buying a cabinet for my desktop. I goggled a Lot and found the difference here i went to shops here and i searched a lot and also found the demo of these cabinets. 1. Cooler master Elite 371 adv : 1. Full Front...
  14. F

    cpu fan error

    my config: i5 2500k, asus p8z68 v, cm 690II adv with side panel..... it just happened now....i worked on my pc at morning for some times nd then went 2 clg...den came back @ noon nd strated on... it showed cpu fan error...i saw through side panel nd fan not spinning....last time it happened...
  15. debarshi

    GPU, HDD and CPU overheating.

    I have a configuration of Intel Pentium D 820 SmithField 2.8 Ghz, ATI Radeon HD 5450 (without fan), and a Seagate ST380211AS ATA HDD. Temperature in the past few days have gone through the roof... CPU temperature in idle state hovers around 80 degrees, GPU around 68 degrees and HDD at 50...
  16. J

    Help psu fan not spinning

    I got a replacement power supply. The new model of the GS600. The fan spins when I power the system on but then stops. I called up corsair and the guy said that the newer model of the GS600 has automatic fan control and that it will automatically spin when the psu crosses a certain...
  17. happy17292

    Intel pentium D 2.8GHz and NVIDIA FX5500 256MB AGP graphics card

    Product Name: intel pentium D 2.8GHz LGA775 processor Expected Price: Rs 1500 1400/- shipped Shipping charges: Free Manufacturer page URL: N/A Description if any: LGA775, heat sink and fan included Reason for Sale: not using it since i upgraded my PC in 2008 Product...
  18. kg11sgbg

    Problem in CPU Fan

    @ Forum Friends, I am using my Desktop PC which is quite old,but it's functioning very well. My CPU is an ancient Dual Core AMD Athlon64X2 4200+(Socket AM2;90nm soi;Windsor Core) Problem is with the CPU Fan. I had changed the default factory CPU cooler fan and attached a new CPU Cooler...
  19. M

    Where should i place the case fan

    Hi guys, Recently i bought a new rig with Intel i3 2120 & AMD sapphire 6770 for graphics. I have noticed that the temp does get a little bit hot during full load especially while playing Crysis 2. CPU temp during idle is about 40C and full load touches almost 62 C while the GPU at idle is...
  20. D

    Low budget Cooling solutions

    I have a Frontech Clone cabinet, recently i found out my 9600GT reaching temperatures of over 85C under load and idling at 75C. A friend advised me to get a 120mm fan and attach it to my cabinet. How, where (side/back) should i attach the fan? Will i get significant reduction in temperature?
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