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having strange problem. Is my CPU failed ?


Hi, my PC doesnot boot. It starts but no display no beep. Either hard disk LED glows or Power LED. CPU fan runs. I thaught it to me SMPS as I am having cheap PSU. So bought a Corsair 450w. (Athlon II x2 245)

Connected new PSU. Now no LED glows. CPU fan rotates and instantly stops. Thaught it to be a motherboard problem.(Asus M4A78LT-ML-E). Took everything to Asus service. They guessed mobo problem and I got a replacement. I replaced my RAM too

Now no LED glows, CPU fan rotates. It seems mobo is running but again no display, no beep.

So I am not able to find out where the problem is. Is the replaced mobo also faulty or my CPU is fusssss... :hissyfit:


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one night i was using my pc and it suddently turned off and the power led started blinking after that it never started not even the fans...so i rma'd the motherboard and tried starting my pc...it started but after 15 minutes the same thing happened so i again rma'd the mobo also baught a decent power supply for future safety..now i assembled my pc it booted up but only for 2 minutes...can't figure out what the problem is..i tried checking things one by one and it the pc stops when i plug in the pci-e 4 pin cpu connector...any help would be much appreciated..thank you.


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1. Reset the BIOS.
2. If you have done the same mistake as the poster above, then nothing can be said. Just connect those cables correctly.


yes connected cables correctly. There is no chance of mastake in connecting as specific plugs are for specifis shocket. You cant connect SATA into TDE right.

I am taking the mobo again to service center and loggeg a RMA request with AMD. They gave me a ticket no. by mail. But what to do now. Anybody have any idea how these processor's RMA is carried out ?


Thank you :)

Problem is with CPU confirmed. Gone to ASUS SC and checked mobo. Its okay.

Got this reply :(

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting AMD Global Customer Care,

We regret to inform that this email address, rma.india@amd.com is no longer in use for India warranty requests.

Please refer to the following steps to submit your warranty request:

Go to http://emailcustomercare.amd.com

Fill in your contact information.

Select the following fields:

Select “Processor” as the Product Type.
Select “Warranty” as the Category.
Select “Warranty Service Request” as the Topic.
Type in “Processor Warranty” or “Heatsink Warranty” as the Subject

Complete all remaining fields that are highlighted with asterisk (*)

Attach the RMA Claim form and a scanned copy of your Invoice.

Click on “Submit” to submit your request.

You should receive an automated response and a service request number.

If you do not receive the Service Request Confirmation:

Check your SPAM/JUNK mail folder for e-mails from tech.support@amd.com

If there is no e-mail, please contact us at:

Tel: 000800 650 1563 (English Only)
Monday - Friday: 06:30 - 14:30 IST

*When dialing, please use phone with IDD service.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused.


AMD Global Customer Care
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