1. A

    Laptop temperatures

    Hi guys, what temperatures of CPU, GPU is fine for idle laptops? 1070 runs at 54 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. i7 6700HQ runs at 61 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. I have a setting to max out my fan speed(4800 rpm), when I do this, in...
  2. D

    PSU has crashed ? Corsair GS 600

    Hi, I have a corsair gs 600 which i bought some 3 years back, I recently upgraded by graphics card from 650ti boost to gtx 1060 6gb. When i switched the graphics card , i noticed that the inbuilt fan in the case wasn't working, and was planning to look it over the weekend. PC worked fine...
  3. P

    CPU hotter than it was

    hi 6 years before I assembled a rig with Athlon II X2 Regor 240 When I started the PC it used to show 26 degree, But now it is showing 36 Looks like heat sink or fan is malfunctioning Now what do you think I should do? Shall I replace the heat sink or just fan? Or do you think something...
  4. M

    Replacement fan for my Graphics Card

    I have a XFX Radeon HD5750 which has a wobbly fan. I have scoured the internet for a replacement fan, but cannot find one at a reasonable price. This is the picture of the graphics card: I live in Kolkata. Can anyone tell me where I can find a fan or cooling solution at a reasonable price...
  5. D

    Graphic Card Fan Not Spinning

    Hello Everyone, From last two weeks I am facing frequent display shuttting down issue. When this happens all the other parts like CPU, Hard Disk, Cabinet Fans keeps on running. I have to shutdown pc for like 10 minutes and than when I start once again it works normally. Any heavy load shuts...
  6. a_k_s_h_a_y

    PC boot mystery

    The story. I got a new case today. Total of 2x120mm fans, 1x140mm fan Swapped out everything. I tried to remove graphics card heat sink to clean, failed. just put it back in. I cleaned the psu FSP Saga II fan with cool air hair dryer. First boot, sparks at GTX 285 8-pin connector...
  7. J

    Replacing fan for MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II

    Hello Guys, Need a bit help. One of the MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II has gone bad. I am planning to buy the fan available on Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at And would follow the instructions as per below link Video card guide: MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozr...
  8. B

    Need Advice for Cooling Pad for ASUS A550JX XX142D

    I think the title pretty much explains it. I bought ASUS A550JX XX142D on 1st june and got it on 3rd via ShopClues (was gonna buy through EBay but the seller removed the 4k discount :p) So It is mainly for coding and low to med end gaming (Like Counter Strike Age of empires Saints Row 3 etc)...
  9. akhilc47

    Cabinet fans for SPEC-01

    Hi, 1. SPEC-01 comes with a RED 120mm fan at the front. Does anyone know which model it is? I don't want to add another fan which doesn't look exactly the same color. 2. Also need another 3x120mm fans for rear(1) and top (2). Please suggest some quiet fans. Again RED or no color is...
  10. saikiasunny

    Corsair SF450 SFX PSU Unboxing and Hands On Review

    Seeing a high end Mini ITX system in India is a rarity. This is mostly due to the fact that we don't have the best product selection here. Either you don't get the right component and if you get them, then be ready to see your wallet loose weight. The SF450 along with the SF600 is Corsair’s...
  11. N

    Fan compatible with Cooler Master CPU COOLER HYPER 212X

    I have purchased Cooler Master CPU COOLER HYPER 212X and it came with one fan. I would like to attach one more fan to it which will blow air over the cooler. Which fan is compatible with Cooler Master CPU COOLER HYPER 212X ? FYI: I am using Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H LGA 1155 Intel B75 SATA 6Gb/s...
  12. T

    Need psu for my following pc config urgently

    My pc spec is amd fx 6300. 4 into two ram of ddr3. Amd r9 390. One hdd rpm 5400 . One ethernet port. 3 usb hub. No optical drive. No overclocking will be done. One fan 80mm(not sure of it). My purpose is gaming for 1 hr daily but pc will be on 4 to 6 hrs daily
  13. P

    HP G6 2005AX CPU Cooler Fan

    Where i can find CPU cooler fan for my HP G6 2005AX laptop. Fan have following model 680551-001. I just opened laptop and found that CPU fan is too tight and making huge noise
  14. gagan_kumar

    [URGENT]Need help about dying PSU

    My corsair GS 600 had already started making sound from like past 1.5 year, this sound was noticeable at very quiet environment(its really irritating noise), Just because the PSU was working fine I was ok with it, now I looked into this matter and found out that it was the sound of fan starting...
  15. R

    GPU fan 100% at idle

    Hello, Today I just started my PC and after welcome screen I observed a strong whining sound. After running HWinfo, it was GPU. I just uninstall my catalyst driver 15.7 and GPU fan settled to normal. I tried with catalyst 13.0 drivers same error occurred. What's the reason. ( I attempt...
  16. N

    PC not starting

    Hello Guys, All of sudden, my PC is not starting. If i try to power on the PC, the CPU fan, Front Case fan and power supply fan spins for 5 sec and then stops. Motherboard LED glows as it is supposed to be when system is on I have tried following things so far 1. Removed all RAM sticks...
  17. C

    CPU processor fan starts and stops

    Hello People, Few days ago while my PC was on, it suddenly shut down. I tried to reboot the PC but found out that the processor fan is starting and then stopping in 1-2 seconds. Tried removing and reconnecting the cables, but it didn't work. My assumption is the PSU isn't working. Any other...
  18. V

    Need a Budget gaming Cabinet

    Hello, Need a budget gaming cabinet. My max budget is strictly under 3000 ( or lower will be better) I was using intex generic cabinet but recently i upgraded my system with HD 7770. Now system is very congested. I have to run pc with removal of side case. In my future cabinet i am...
  19. N

    Pedestal fan

    Hello, my mother has been asking me to buy a pedestal fan. so, I want to know which fan would be good?, I have one choice- windstar farrata model from CG. Please suggest if any other company or model is good. CG model is good although it has no swing but air flow is good and local dealer has...
  20. H

    Circle CC 830 unboxing and review

    Hi Friends, I have just bought Circle CC-830 cabinet. I had earlier ask on the forum about which cabinet to buy, everyone suggested Corsair, Cooler master and other brands. I did not find any review for the CC 830 and other members also told me to stay away from brand as the repo is unknown for...
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