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My Cooler Master Storm STRYKER (Unboxing and mini review)


CyberdyneSystems Model101
Hi Guys.
Just bought the cooler master Storm STRYKER Full ATX chassis for Rs 12.5K , from local market . This is my mini review of the beast. Its not a big case. Its HUUGE . I couldnt lift the case after all the parts went in ! Its that heavy . I had considered TROOPER initially, but I selected this as I wanted side transparent panel, and yea, white looks damn cool. I am writing a review for the first time . So please if you find any mistakes, or if you have any comments, please let me know. Let me start off with the pics first.

[URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/26/img1196ww.jpg/] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/URL]

The box is huge. Its too heavy.
The packing material was nothing spectacular. Just thermacol and plastic. That’s it. Pretty basic, isnt it? I would have appreciated if Cooler Master (I will use CM henceforth) had used the synthetic cloth which CORSAIR inculdes with its PSUs, don’t know whats it called though.

[URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/713/img1199v.jpg/] Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/URL]

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The Top view of the chassis, divided into two parts, the rear end having grills and the front end begin occupied with strong handle and then ofcourse, the control panel, with all switches and lights( more on that, later ;) )

The STRYKER :evil:

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Let me start with thebuild quality, because after opening the box, that is what I noticed immediately. One word :: Awesome . I m pretty much aware about the quality of CM cases. Its just fine, no complaints . I also have the CM elite 430 chasis. But the build quality of STRYKER is just amazing. The side panels are strong and dont flex. Now , the paint quality. Well, the pics don’t do justice. I would compare the paint quality to our new refrigerators or washing machines. Its that great !! Glossy all over. Even the plastic is glossy.

The front side. The front side is made of of mesh as you see. They are actually removable bays, with fine dust filter attached to it from inside . Now a days, this is fairly common .
The bottom of the bay covers, where you see the CM STORM logo, is actually a compartment with a drawer inside to keep all you important things. CM provides all zip ties, screws, etc, in that drawer.

The plastic holders for installing SSD/ HDDs. You have to insert these in the drive compartments to lock the drives up. Pretty easy, tool-free installation.

The 140mm PWM rear fan, installed as exhaust. Note, all the stock fans are white, nice touch by CM to maintain the flow. The cables are silver/transparent .

Now, the main part. The front fans. This is the default position for the front fans, which is not as per my liking. The main drawback in this type of arrangement is that the air is sucked from side mesh, and only the drives are cooled, and the air is thrown out from the opposite side panel mesh. The other main parts (CPU, mobo, graphics card) don’t get the supply of air due to this setup.
But, one of the main features of this cabinet is that we can turn the fans 90degrees and install them in traditional way. But this is not a really easy task. I had to go through some tough time, as the thumb screws were bolted too tight. There is one rod which is between the 2 hdd cages, which is totally unnecessary. We have to remove it as well in order to rotate the fan compartments . This was also fitted too tightly . The threads of the tiny screw almost went kaput. Had to spray some WD-40 on it, to loosen the screw up. Anyway, that was a small hurdle. I managed to remove it though

The cabinet has some really nice cable management features . There are big cutouts for easy cable routing, of course with rubber grommets

Now, lets see the contol panel.The big black button you see there is the power button. Below that, there are 3 lights, which show the speed of the fans ! They become dim at low fan speeds, and become bright at high speeds. Also the the lights get lit up as per speed, from left to right. . Below the lights, you get the on/off switch for fan LEDs. Only the front fans have LEDs. To the right and left of this , are the fan speed buttons (-) and (+) , to control the fan speeds. Then below that we have usual power and HDD leds, to right , we have Reset button, then below, we have the USB 3.0 ports then USB 2.0 ports.

Immediately below the control panel, we have what CM calls as “X-DOCK” , where you can plug in your 2.5”” SSDs or 2.5”” Laptop HDDs. Cool feature

The view from front !

Notice the use of rubber mountings to reduce vibrations from fans/drives. Neat .

The drives inserted and seated firmly in the drive compartments.

The powerful 120mm fan at the front of the drive compartment to keep the drives cool .

The huge cutting on the motherboard tray , for easy installation of after market coolers. This is also pretty standard on this class of gaming chassis.

Final pic of the build . My Full ATX motherboard looks like mATX board in this beast !! Yet to install my 120mm 90CFM fan at the bottom though !

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The control panel, when powered on, has the CM STORM logo on it. They have not provided the connection for PWR_LED , so the power light wont blink when the PC goes in sleep mode.

Powered On !

Overall, I would rate this case at 9/10 .

Pros ( In my opinion)
1> Nice cooling
2> Great looks
3> Awesome build quality
4> Nice cable management
5> Removable Air Filters on top and bottom for Fans( intake as well as exhaust)

Cons( Again, in my opinion)
1> No arrangement to mount side panel fans
2> Cant think of any :p
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Why So Serious ???
Congrats mate !!! BTW abt the mobo.... did you get it repaired or replaced from Asus ? or bought a new one altogether ?


CyberdyneSystems Model101
Thanks a lot Mandar ! I got the same motherboard. I hope they have repaired it . Lets see how it works for some days .


Awesome review mate. CM storm stryker is one of the best chasis out there. I have sold CM trooper yesterday to Thunder :) waiting for his unboxing too
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