1. M

    Plan for eco friendly wedding and parties?

    Hi. Please anyone let me know how to prepate eco-friendly wedding events and parties?
  2. Anorion

    CERN launches its Open Data Portal with data from real collision events

    you can view the events here, 3d and interactive, so play around CERN Open Data Portal announcement CERN makes public first data of LHC experiments | CERN
  3. H

    Nintendo may not hold an E3 conference this year.

    In their investors meeting on E3: Can't wait for the rhetoric to start. This move makes sense though. They have clearly been de emphasizing their e3 conferences and dropping even more bombs on Nintendo Direct. This seems like a logical continuation of this trend. David Gibson...
  4. S

    assassin's creed III issue!! :(

    after installing when i run my assassin's creed III it gets stuck at the first screen which says " inspired by historical events ..........." or something like that !!! what should be done??
  5. Skyh3ck

    Gaming Events Here :)

    Hi I m creating this thread to share, discuss etc about upcoming gaming events in your city. I know most of the gaming events is for marketing purpose, but for us it is still good place to play games and have a get together. Here is the template. Event Name: XYZ Gaming Expo 2012 City...
  6. arpanmukherjee1

    ics file help

    i wanted to import my facebook events in Google Calendar. i downloaded the ics file but it does not contain any events (vEVENT) tags. but facebook shows birthdays corectly (events exists.) what is wrong?? is there any other way to import to google calendar from facebook ??? when...
  7. P

    Shift 2 Unleashed: Official Releasedate announced

    Electronic Arts announced today the official releasedate of Shift 2 Unleashed: the game will be available in Europe on March 24th & 25th, 2011 and in North America on March 29th, 2011. Additionally you can preorder the game and get your hands on the Limited Edition, which contains exclusive...
  8. T

    Facebook has changed the events page

    Facebook has redesigned the event's page it looks more like a profile page now. I found it useful for creating an event like LAN Gaming in hostels and Watching movies. It can be useful ....:) try it out...
  9. A

    Explore Bangalore

    Those who are traveling to Bangalore for a journey the metro city awaits you. Do have a look at these events at Bangalore and enjoy your stay just know what to check out in bangalore here. FindNearYou
  10. evewin89

    fake or REAL?

    Flag this message Conratulation!!! Friday, 9 October, 2009 12:24 AM From: "YAHOO MSN LOTTERY INC ®" <> Add sender to Contacts To: undisclosed-recipients Dear Winner This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of (SevenHundred Fifty Thousand,Great Britain Pounds...
  11. Rahim

    DCC Kolkata

    Digit Community Chapter Kolkata is exclusively for Kolkata residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Kolkata.
  12. D

    DCC Moradabad

    Digit Community Chapter Moradabad is exclusively for Moradabad residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Moradabad.
  13. D

    DCC Kochi

    Digit Community Chapter Kochi is exclusively for Kochi residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Kochi.
  14. D

    DCC Chennai

    Digit Community Chapter Chennai is exclusively for Chennai residents, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Chennai.
  15. D

    DCC Kanpur

    Digit Community Chapter Kanpur is exclusively for Kanpur people, know the latest and stay updated on meets / events and activities in Kanpur.
  16. Thom_Yorke

    Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!

    Can anyone post all the historic events that had happened in TD forum!!like I know some user vaibhavtech was very annoying!!! and something related to shalu sharma happened!! but i don't know them in details. can some old member elaborate and add some events that were very contovetial and...
  17. Arun the Gr8

    Got 28th as Deadline.. Need Help!!!

    I have got 28th as Deadline.. Plz Help!!! Guys, My collage is conducting a Tech Fest in 2009 an i am the Cultural Head of the organizing group. I have to submit a report by 28th Dec, in which I have to give a list of after-events (which will be held after 5 in the evening, after the main...
  18. amitava82

    What skills do you have(apart from computers)?

    Apart from Computer skills, what other skills do you have? Be it singing(not bathroom singing), dancing, playing instrument, sports etc.. Its embarrassing situation for me during any kinda events. Many of my friends perform in those events and they ask me what I'd perform? and I'd say I don't...
  19. Ganeshkumar

    Ideas Needed for Technical Symphosium

    Hi all :):) Around Feb 2nd week, We are going to conduct a Technical Symposium in my dept. of Electronics & Instrumentation, here in Anna University... We planned to do these.... # Paper presentation # QUIZ(general and technical) # Pot pourri - non technical fun quiz # C programming #...
  20. Krazy_About_Technology

    Attention: Microsoft's Free In-Person Hands-On Labs in Delhi

    Hey Guys, Since last few months, Microsoft India is organizing many seminars and other in-person events in Delhi as well as other parts of India. These sessions are jam packed with latest and greatest information related to Microsoft products and services as well as their partners. Different...
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