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i had ordered a 1tb wd green hdd through ebay and yesterday it got delivered ...packing was good and was sealed ....it was also reading in bios but when i tried installing windows then error code 0x80070057 is coming saying windows can not format partition,then i tried using it as secondary disk and run hd tune then it was showing all sectors red and error check worst(i was able to initialize the disk in mbr but cant format)...and today it is sometimes showing in bios and sometimes not and whenever i want to intailize it through disk mg an i/o error is coming.....i talked to wd they told that repalcement drived will be old and i have registerd complain on ebay....what should i do,i have to ship ebay at my own cost and will also take time


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Hi [MENTION=156886]bestpain[/MENTION],

Based on your post, I’d suggest you to get the replacement with ebay. As you mentioned, you just bought the drive; then I am quite sure; the drive is still under warranty with them.

If your WD Green drive is still under warranty, then you can proceed for RMA with us.

For more information regarding the RMA service, you may refer to the link below

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Hi [MENTION=156886]bestpain[/MENTION],

For your information.

1) WD will always replace with a recertified drive if possible.

2) If the model is not available (like out of stock or not manufactured anymore), then the next available model will be given as replacement.

3) Typically, once WD receives the RMA'd drive, we'd check for any external damage that would void the limited warranty. If there's no signs of it, then the RMA would push through no problem.

4) The warranty on the current drive will be transferred to the new drive. This means that if you have 3 months left on the current drive, when you receive the replacement, it will also have 3 months warranty (plus 1 additional month for certain products).

For more information regarding Warranty services, you may refer to the link below

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did the product listing page show any kind of return policy?if they ddid, you should get the replacement from ebay. contact them and be firm.


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they are telling that since the product has manufacturer warranty so i should contact wd and get replacement.....no policy

Say them that going for RMA with WD would get you a recertified drive, not a new replacement. And you have paid for a new drive not for a recertified drive.
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