1. quicky008

    PC randomly displays BIOS error on startup-what to do?

    I have an i5 based system that's roughly 5 years old at this point.It has been working well thus far,but of late sometimes when i turn it on it shows error messages related to the bios such as "New cpu detected-press F1 to enter bios setup"(even though the same old cpu is being used and no new...
  2. Desmond

    Alibaba officially entering the Indian market

    Source: Flipkart, Amazon And Snapdeal Just Got A New Competitor, China's Alibaba To Enter Indian Market
  3. GhorMaanas

    Strange beeps and key-presses in laptop

    Hello! on my brother's laptop (HP DV6-7012TX), there's an issue since past few weeks. upon booting/rebooting it, continuous beeps sound (more than 15; as if some key is being repeatedly pressed). this issue is a bit random in nature, ie, if a cold boot, this thing happens as described, but if...
  4. P

    Phicomm to enter India with Passion 660

    Phicomm to enter India with Passion 660 on June 3 *www.gogi.in/phicomm-passion-p660.html
  5. clmlbx

    Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Key For 1 Year (PC) + 6 Months for Mobile (separate keys)

    For PC visit here : Free Bitdefender 2015 For Mobile: Get 6 months free protection for your Android! Instructions: 1. Just Enter EMail 2. Enter Captcha 3. Submit to get License in your Inbox
  6. S

    Need help with a gamepad!! which is best?

    Enter Model No. E-GPV Enter Model No. E-GPV10 Quantum Game Pad QHM7468-2V ATek USB Gamepad Quantum Game Pad QHM7487-2V C QHM7469 Trasnparent Gamepad Digiflip GP003 Wired Controller Amigo Gamepad (Double Shock)- FIFA Edition which is better? ..... pls suggest!!
  7. sling-shot

    Android without GMail/Google ID

    Is it possible to use an Android phone without a Google or GMail ID? Unmodified with factory default OS. As far my memory goes I was asked to enter these first time I switched on my Xperia ZR. I may be wrong. I bought a Lava Iris X1 this week for my brother-in-law. He got it today. While I...
  8. SaiyanGoku

    Xiaomi coming to India!!

  9. Revolution

    Driver for Enter Bluetooth USB Dongle.

    Hi, I have an Enter Bluetooth USB Dongle for PC. But,driver not automatically installed on my Windows 7 64Bit OS. No driver CD comes with that dongle and no driver at Enter web. I can't send any file from my mobile to PC. Any thing can be done ? Tried to update from device manager with internet...
  10. kg11sgbg

    A help please regarding entry into the site

    I wonder why I am unable to browse or enter into the site posted in the magazine digit. The link being :---> *dgit.in/***** (here ***** refers to any article or fact or posts or whatsoever). How to enter the link and how do I read them? Please Help @TDF Friends.
  11. ithehappy

    Asking for a friend. He's having problems with Asus Surge protection

    Asking this for my friend, he has a i7 3770k, and a P8 mainboard most probably. He has a GTX 460 GPU. He can't enter in OS, stuck at boot screen. The problem is he can't enter BIOS by entering Del or F2, also if he presses F1 to run setup he only gets a blue screen? Look at the last three lines...
  12. T

    Enter E-gpv Controller not vibrating ,windows- 7 :(

    I bought enter e-gpv gamepad from flipkart and it is working i can play games but it is not vibrating...When i went to devices and printers,it's drivers are not showing..I even installed the cd which i got with it..please help,i want to play games with vibrations...:(
  13. R

    Can I play everygame on pc using Enter E-GPV10 Gamepad

    Am I will be able to play all game using Enter E-GPV10 Gamepad with XBox Controller emulator or without using it. Or any better gamepad in this price range.
  14. A

    Need to buy GAMEPAD with Steam/Windows 8.1 Support + CHEAP

    How is this gamepad: Enter E-GPV Gamepad - Enter: Flipkart.com It has a 1000 rating with an avg of 4.1 and is only 230Rs [Snapdeal gives for 165rs but i'll pay the premium for flipkart service :P]
  15. sksksksk

    Simple Core Java Error

    Well below is a program for Railway Reservation. Its not mine but I downloaded it from net. import java.io.*; public class reservation { InputStreamReader isr=new InputStreamReader (System.in); BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader (isr); //System.out.print("Please enter a word"); int...
  16. D

    Enter E-GPV gamepad two versions ?

    Hi, I am planning to buy Enter E-GPV gamepad. Are there two versions of the gamepad available ? Single vibration and dual vibration ? Need help....confused ?
  17. shreymittal

    Windows 7 activation problem.

    Hey guys i ve bought win 7 home basic for my pc in mid 2011 but now my pc is not accepting the key and keep showing error "please enter another key" please i can't activate my win7 Help Needed.
  18. ramakanta

    open a website in new Tab

    I have IE 8 , i am openning one website in one tab . when i want to open another website in a address bar and press a Enter Key,that website is overwrite on previous one . Is there any setting ,automatically open a new tab when enter a new adress in adress bar . please help me . Thank you. :-(
  19. dalbir

    profile pic

    how to enter a profile pic?
  20. Ronnie11

    Razer keyboard ENTER button not responding...Help

    Hey guys,i have a razer cyclosa keyboard which i bought in may 2011...the warranty is for one year...Since yest...The ENTER button which is above SHIFT button has stopped working altogether...Now can this be repaired??It is out of warranty & i didn't want to throw an expensive keyboard just...
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