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Asking for a friend. He's having problems with Asus Surge protection


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Asking this for my friend, he has a i7 3770k, and a P8 mainboard most probably. He has a GTX 460 GPU. He can't enter in OS, stuck at boot screen. The problem is he can't enter BIOS by entering Del or F2, also if he presses F1 to run setup he only gets a blue screen? Look at the last three lines in the attached photo, it seems like Asus Surge Protection is taking effect, so how will he enter BIOS and disable it?


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which psu he have ?

It is Common issue with Asus antisurge protection, Go to bios - disable it

It is safe if you have good branded psu :)

Try F1


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Please read carefully what I said. He can NOT enter BIOS. He has a Corsair CX600 or something, an entry level PSU.


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Comeon anyone plz help me. I m stuck in a big problem. I have got P8q77m asus motherboard.And I am the friend.What to do right now?
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