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beware, class 12th students aspiring for engineering.......

hi friends i have completed my studies from a crap engineering college.... i would like to suggest you that please do a deep research about any particular private engineering college(which is not in top 40 in any of the national survey for the engineeing colleges, generally conducted by the private bodies, such as "india today" or "career360") in which you want to get admitted

or else you might cry for 4 long years
i am providing a link to the review written by me about my college in which i studied.
accoridng to me, there are only 250000 "good/respectable" seats in india for engineering and the number of the engineering graduates "manufactured" in india every year is about 750000 every year.

here is the review which applies to almost all the private engineering college of uttar pradesh and i know that such type of the college exist in every nook and corner of the country.
Abhishek Kumar Pandey's answer to Computer Science: What are the worst things about studying Computer Science/Engineering in a Tier-3 Engineering institute? - Quora

before getting into any engineering college i think you should know the difference between the "services based i.t. companies" and the "product based i.t. companies" which will help you a lot whether you complete your graduation from any engineering branch.

Infosys, TCS, or Wipro? - Susam Pal
a must read blog for all the graduation students of india

ask any number of questions relating to ""studying engineering in india"" i would be very happy to answer them.
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Read it. Very nice post. I already joined in a Tier-3 college in the very same CSE department.:wah::hissyfit::unsure:
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